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This article is about the character. For the HRFWiki2 user, see User:CoachErinStrongSad

Coach Erin is a 18 year old girl who moved to Free Country USA when she was 15. She has white skin like Coach Z, golden blonde hair with some brown in it, tied in a dark pink ribbon, a pink dress, dark pink bracelets on each wrist, shoes and a silver and pink E bling, similar to Coach Z's Z bling. Coach E lost her British-ness and now sounds American.

Coach E is friendly and sweet but don't let her pink looks fool you. She can be sensitive and angry at times when you spoil her good mood. She loves the company of Bubs and Coach Z and sees them as her 'godparents'. Bubs tells her that he and Coach Z are not her real parents but they will look after her and treat her like a daughter. Coach E loves Bubs more then anything else. She hugs him, kisses him and sleeps on his belly. She loves taking care of Bubs and Coach Z's babies and has a daughter of her own called Erin Jr. When Erin Jr was born, Coach E wasn't so sure if she wanted to keep her, so she let Bubs look after the cute little baby. Bubs is super kind to Coach E and reassures her. She also likes the company of Strong Sad, Homestar Runner, Gfd, Piem'n and Honstlar. Occasionally, her relationship with Strong Bad is sort of a love-hate relationship. Sometimes, Strong Bad would say things to Coach E which she finds hurtful, although Strong Bad is just teasing and joking. There was one time he gave Coach E some of his old video games.

Debut: Coach E's Free Country USA Adventure/New girl on the block

Variations[edit | edit source]

Lady Erin Locomotive (Old-Timey)

Challenger Erin (20X6)

Cool Cool Glasses Erin (Dangeresque)

E. (Xeriouxly Forxe)

Cosmic Spacegirl E (Spacestar Skater)

Strong Badman Coach E

Storybook Coach E

Puppet Coach E

Powered by The Cheat Coach E

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