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Champeen News Show!

Champeen News Show is a program that airs throughout Free Country, USA. It is hosted by Champeen and discusses various events that occur in the Homestar Runner universe.

Content[edit | edit source]

The show primarily discusses events that occur in other toons, offering alternate perspectives on them. It also contains original stories. The original stories tend to feature characters that--like Champeen-- can be considered scrapped or rejected.

The show is usually set in a typical news broadcast set, although Champeen will sometimes film on other locations. It will also sometimes feature scenes that would not be shown on tv, such as behind the scenes footage or Champeen's efforts in investigative journalism.

The people want to know... why did you do it?

Episode descriptions[edit | edit source]

Breaking News[edit | edit source]

Champeen uncovers a big secret that Bubs has been hiding from the rest of the town. Will she be able to break the news?

Music Video[edit | edit source]

The Cheat starts working for Champeen after she interviews him for her show. Strong Bad tries to win back his lackey.

Reward[edit | edit source]

Champeen searches for the missing Trivia Time.

Rassling[edit | edit source]

Champeen tries out the seat of a sports announcer when Homeschool Winner challenges Homestar to a fight.