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BUBS: More of these emails? I'm not Strong Bad! Oh, well. Let's get this party started!

Dear Bubsy, Have you ever met the Thnikkaman? Who IS the Thnikkaman anyway? Why is he so popular and distracting? Do YOU know who he is? — The Thnikkafan

BUBS: WHAT? The Thnikkafan? Wipe that 'The Thnikkafan' off that 'The Thnikkafan' You do NOT impersonate the Thnikkaman! Anyways, you must really like this Thnikkaman, don't you. Sorry I shouted at ya?

Yeah, I wouldn't say that I met the Thnikkaman, I AM him! Oh, I'm very popular indeed, I even Thnikkafied one of my family members just last night. I distracted my wife Babs while she was sleeping. I simply have no idea why I'm so distracting, I sometimes like to entertain!

(Cut to Babs, sleeping in bed)

BABS: (dreaming) Aww, I love my bed, so soft and warm.

(The Thnikkaman comes in)

SINGERS: Here comes The Thnikkaman

BUBS: Yeah, shut up kid! Now, let's do some business here. My wife Babs is sleeping and dreaming about me.

(Bubs puts some cool shades and piece of paper on Babs while she's sleeping)

BABS: Hey, that tickles!

(Back to the computer)

BUBS: And then she woke up and went in the bathroom, she has a surprise when she saw herself in the mirror

(Cut to the bathroom of Bubs' house)

BABS: (shocked) Oh my! Who did this?

(The Thnikkaman walks in the bathroom)

SINGERS: You just got Thnikkafied by The Thnikkaman!

BUBS: Yeah, nice shades, woman!

BABS: Oh, very funny, Bubs! You made me look ridiculous

BUBS: Nah, you look hot! From now on, you shall be The Thnikkawoman

(Back to the computer)

BUBS: And there you have it, dummy. I'm actually The Thnikkaman and there's an example of me distracting someone. You didn't see me Thnikkafy my son? Maybe, I'll do that another time. Okay, so until next time, check it out, check it out, check it out... (carried on saying Check it out and then fades)

(The blue striped paper comes down)

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