Bubs Email/original bubs

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BUBS: What's this? Oh another dumb email.

Hey New Bubs,

I miss Original Bubs.


BUBS: Oh do you really Mr Chauncey? Everybody knows I'm 100% Original Bubs. If you're talking about that spikey-haired naggle-tooth fool, well unfortunately, he's been sent to prison for a while now. Wanna know why? He got arrested for abusing his newborn son, Original Bubs Jr, whom I adopted.

(Cut to a pic of Original Bubs Jr)

BUBS: That squared-fingered man's wife wanted to keep her baby but he swiped Original Bubs Jr out of her arms and she cried. And now Original Babs and I became friends. Since she was missing her son so much, I decided to give him to his mother.

(The blue striped paper comes down)