Broternal Order Of Different Helmets/The Many Ghosts of Mr. Jimley

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In yet another freakin' Halloween episode, the pixelized spirits of cyclopean eggplant Goombas infect SRMX's Lappy, so the gang will have to go digital to stop this delicious epidemic!

Costume List:
Honstlar as Julian Martel from Oney Plays
Gfd as Gonzo the Great
Coach E as Lara Croft (from the original game)
SRMX12 as Londy from Two More Eggs (Hot Diggity)
Edited Video Greg as Not Stanley
Stom as Milo from Descendents
The Dean as Calamity Jane
Homestar as the Geoffrey, the Toys R Us giraffe
Strong Bad as Fearless Leader from Rocky and Bullwinkle
The Cheat as Eugene the Jeep from Popeye
Pom Pom as Ninja Batman
Marzipan as Julia Child
Strong Sad as Young Steven Hawking
Strong Mad as Kane
Bubs as Dr. Teeth
Coach Z as (ugh) Lil' Yachty
The KOT as The Globglogabgalab
The Poopsmith as Ray Stantz from the Real Ghostbusters
Homsar as Baby Sinclair from Dinosaurs
Senor Cardgage as Hobo Joe from Disney's The Muppets
Grindolo as Lord Hater
The Pretender as the Green Giant
The Cleansing Geek as Melba from Pet Alien
Mr. Dando as Carl Brutananadilewski
AVG as Peter Tomarkin
Rabite as Makoto from Street Fighter
Dooble as Dr. Nick

Transcript[edit | edit source]

(We start with Honstlar at home playing Sega, then Gfd barges in holding a very familiar game)

Gfd: HONSTLAR! You'll never guess what I found at a Wal-Mart bargain bin!

Honstlar: The lost city of Mrdoodle?

Gfd: Even better.

(Gfd shows Honstlar the box.)

Honstlar: DOOBLE 2?! The comedy platformer that's uncommon around these parts because of Videlectrix's infamous supply and demand promblems?


Honstlar: What are you waiting for man, SLAM THAT SEGA TAPE!

(Gfd inserts the cartridge and the game starts.)

{Cut to the title screen as the music begins. "PRESS START!" flashes at the bottom of the screen. Honstlar presses start, and Dooble appears in a spooky forest.}

Gfd: What thrilling gameplay!

Honstlar: I have many points.

{Dooble walks forward and finds an eggpo walking toward him}

Gfd: Oh style! It's one of those egg-type-mans! Let him have it!

(Dooble squishes the one Eggpo that isn't important to this story as we cut to inside the game world with the Old-Timer and the New Guy)

New Guy: Ahh! The Good Guy Character squashed Timly!

Old-Timer: Why are you surprised at this point? You've seen so many deaths, you're almost giving MY streak a run for its money.

New Guy: But that's just with Jimley, with Timly it's surprising because his name is spelt differently!

Old-Timer: Speaking of Jimley, where is he? He's usually never late.

New Guy: I don't know. Last time I saw him, he said something about rising up and taking the "real" world for ourselves and some other stuff, then jumped into a weird looking volcano.

Old-Timer: (Worried) Volcano? Please tell me it wasn't the Oriam Volcano!

New Guy: What's the Oriam Volcano?

Old-Timer: It's a glitched obstacle in World 6 that a programmer accidentally put an internet uplink into.

New Guy: I think we have a problem.

Old-Timer: (Really Worried) What problem?

New Guy: It was in World 6.


(Cut to Gfd and Honstlar looking at the screen confused.)

New Guy: We're all gonna die!

Old-Timer: The good times are over!

New Guy: I didn't even get to be a Paraeggpo!

Honstlar: Why are the eggplants freaking out?

(The screaming stops and we cut back to the game world)

Old-Timer: Oh no, the players noticed us!

New Guy: Maybe they can help us, I'm gonna talk to them.

Old-Timer: (Extremely Loud) YOU CAN'T DO THAT!

New Guy: But we can't do this alone.

Old-Timer: Oh yes we can, I don't care that one of our men has gone Turbo, I refuse to let you talk to those monstrosities!

Gfd: (Offscreen) I heard that!

Old-Timer: Fine, you can talk to them.

New Guy: (Looking at Honstlar) Hey, Raltsnoh, Raltsnoh!

(Cut to Honstlar)

Honstlar: Actually, it's Honstlar, but you have my attention!

(Cut to New Guy)

New Guy: There's this really big problem-

(Cut back to Honstlar)

Honstlar: Say no more, you tiny Awesdollop, we heard the whole thing.

New Guy: Good!

Gfd: Let's do this! {kicks the TV, breaking the screen; the game is no longer visible}

Honstlar: Wh— what was that for?! How are we gonna help those innocent eggplants?

Gfd: Quick, come inside! {squishes inside the hole in the TV}

Honstlar: Eesh. Not a lot of room in there. {squishes inside the TV}

{Cut to a large black void. Gfd and Honstlar are crouched down in a small space. They open their eyes, look around, and slowly stand up.}

Honstlar: What happened?

Gfd: We're inside the TV! Now quick, let's get to that game! Hopefully no one changes the channel while we get there...

The Father and Son Greg enter the room

Arsene: It's about 7:00. lets do this thing.


(channel changes to what appears to be a cross between Jeopardy and a Japanese game show)

Gfd: Wait, how are you watching this with the screen broken?

{Cut back to the TV room. Bubs is standing next to the unbroken TV with a tool belt.}

BUBS: Well, Greggums, you're all fixed up. Now get to watchin'!

{Cut back to the game show}

ROGER: Weclome back to Quiz Dump, the only game show... that I am saying this sentence in... at this moment in time. Today's contestants... the Waddling Purple Armless Midget, and Grobble-grabble-garbler-etcetera!

Gfd: That's not how you pronounce Gfdgsgxgzgdrc!

Honstlar: And the description said this was a half-Japanese game show!

{Pan right to the third contestant}


(Honstlar pulls out a remote.)

Gfd: What are you doing?

Honstlar: Relax, I'm just pulling up the opening credits so we can change into our costumes, get out of this game show and get the rest of The Order inside the TV.

Gfd: Oh, I guess that's fine.

(Honstlar pushes a button and the credits appear.)

"The Many Ghosts of Mr. Jimley"

"Another freakin' BODH Halloween cartoon"

"Written by those other guys."

"Just get on with it already"

(All of the BODH (including Homestar, leader of the B-Team) are in their costumes and inside Dooble 2)

Honstlar as Julian: Here we are, Dooble 2.

Gfd as Gonzo: It's so pixely...

EVG: wait. you mean to tell me, despite the fact this game was tested or else we wouldn't know. they never TOOK OUT the volcano goofup?

New Guy: I know, right?

SRMX12: Maybe Videlectrix Three left it in because his boss is a jerk.

Old-Timer: No, he- Actually that sounds about right.

{Cut to a live-action photo of the Videlectrix office door}


VIDELECTRIX TWO: Well, I'm— I never got around to it...


VIDELECTRIX TWO: Uh, th— I wasn't— I wasn't aware it could cause damage.


VIDELECTRIX TWO: I— I thought your point was those scissors you're holding.


VIDELECTRIX TWO: You point scissors at me all the time...


VIDELECTRIX TWO: You tell me... {pause}


VIDELECTRIX TWO: That's— that's what I— I agree. You don't need to yell it at me...


VIDELECTRIX TWO: We weren't talking about graphics... we were talking about the volcano.


{Cut back to the game}

{Dooble walks in}
DOOBLE: Halosche! I am to be joining you guys! I can afford many styles.
Template:gf Ooh, we'd better let him join us. He can afford many styles.
Template:ev Why do I get the feeling you two are related somehow?
Template:hn Aw, sweet! We're getting help from the man himself! The one and only...... I somehow forgot, What's your name again?
Dooble: (for next minute sings theme song)
Honstlar: Okay, I guess this is a musical now.
Dooble: Let us make the ground squishes!
(Dooble, the Eggpos, and the Order walk across the land.)
Template:ev uggggh I HATE "were in the game cause something went wrong". Is it really worth it to screw with his boss? Couldn't he just put his hand in warm water?
Template:sr Greg, the fate of the universe is in our hands... again. Can't you for once ignore the obvious tropes and be serious?!
Template:ev I can't! These cartoons are always the same, bad guy does something, we have to fix it, bad guy is defeated, repeat. I just want something original! I'M GETTING SICK AND TIRED!!!
(New Guy bites EVG's hand.)
Template:ev OOOWWW!
New Guy: Woah, I didn't mean to bite him that hard, I just wanted to shut him up.
Old-Timer: Can we please get back on track?
Template:sr and Template:ev : Yes, Mr. Eggpo, sir!
(In the time this argument took to have Dean and Arsene have had none of it and are already somehow at the Volcano)
Arsene: Lesse now (he pulls up HTML Code and clicks the button somehow)
Template:dn Wait, how'd you get inside the game? I thought only the BODH {pronounced "bod-huh"} came during the opening credits.
AVG: Well...I...Ya see...CHEESE IT!
(He runs away from the camera, hitting a wall, revealing that they still haven't reached the volcano.)
New Guy: Well, that was........ Productive.
DOOBLE: Now, let us forth to our grand venture!
{The gang walk through the land for reals this time}
Honstlar: Hey, I've got an idea, why don't I sing a song to pass the time?
EVG: That sounds about right.
Honstlar: Brace yourselves, everybody, here comes Albuquerque!
French Narrator: 12 Minutes Later...
Honstlar: ...buquerque!!!!!!!
Stom: Well, it's about time.
SRMX12: That the song is over?
Stom: No, that I finally got more than one line.
Template:gf Well, we finished World 1. What next?
{The ground shakes}
Template:hn Oh no... END BOSS!!
Honstlar: Ahh, shaddap!
(Honstlar kicks the dark cloth back to his castle.)
Gfd: That was easy.
SRMX12: Ya think he was related to Grindolo?
Dooble: Grabhooha?
SRMX12: Nevermind.
Honstlar: Next stop, World 2!
(Note appears: warning: he Game is unfinished from this point on)
Honstlar: He Game? Did Homestar write this dialog?
(Approach screen from 50K Rcewalker: Woah! We didn't think anyone would play for this long. Um, we didn't program this far. Hang on.")
Template:sp Refersh my mind what was the issue with the volcano again?
Old-Timer: Oh nothing, just a connection to the internet that is currently being filled with ANGRY GHOSTS!!!!
Template:ev sounds like the Internet to me. Now we just gotta blame them on makes existing and we’ll be set.
Template:dn WOAH too far
Template:ev not you tho you’re he good kind of matriarch
Template:gf Well, if the game's unfinished... I guess we can't get to that volcano.
Template:hn Aw, I was looking forward to the obligatory ice world...
Template:sr Hey, what happens if we keep walking?
{SRMX12 walks into the black void and falls for all eternity}
Template:ce That was a terrible idea.
Template:gf When you fall into a bottomless pit, you die of—
{Gfd trips and falls into the void}
Template:hn Gfd! Nooo! {jumps after him}
Template:ev Hey, what about me? {jumps in}
{Everyone else jumps in. Cut to the black void, where everyone is falling.}
Template:gf Well, this is unfortunate. {an egg hits him in the face}
Template:hn What happened?
Template:gf I got hit in the face with an egg. Of course. Didn't you read the description?
Template:hn No, I mean... why are there eggs here?
{A CGI block floats by, along with a crudely-drawn can of beans}
Template:sr Why, this isn't a neverending blank void...
{They fall into a kitchen, with a container of beige goo on the table}
Template:sr ...we've entered the plane of existence wherein the universe of Two More Eggs currently exists!!
OLD-TIMER: Why, the volcano mus've been relocated to a different series while the game's bein' worked on!
Template:hn We'll need to travel across the show to find it!
Template:ev Well, that was a drastic plot change.
{Gfd slowly backs away}
(Poach and Scramble walk in)
Template:hn Ah, Eggm'ns, can you tell us the whereabouts of a volcano?
(The two dance.)
Template:hn Of course, they don't speak English. Come on, let's try another series.
(Cut to a very familiar town in Britian.)
Narrator: Oh crap, it's Trauncles, A little town just like your's or mine. With a clock tower, and a pick 'n mix, and a pudding plant, and a group of mutants. Today's lesson is- Wait, a group of mutants?!
Template:hn Hey, we ain't mutants!
Narrator: Woah, that wasn't a bunch of random noises, you must be outsiders. What brings you to Trauncles?
{The eggpos and Dooble are drawn in their styles from "Eggpo: Instruction Book"}
NEW GUY: Y'see, it's quite simple. Some programmer from an outdated electronics company got mad at his boss for pointing a pair of scissors at him or something, and chose not to remove an accidental glitch in a video game that allows a connection to the internet through a volcano in World 6. An enemy in that video game jumped into the glitched volcano to rise up and take over the real world. These helmet-havers saw what happened and came with us to find the volcano, which had inconveniently been moved to another universe while the game was being worked on. Then we fell into a neverending void of incomplete programming and ended up here.
NARRATOR: Ah, you're dealing with Jimley and the Oriam Volcano, eh, me lads?
New Guy: Wait, you know about all this?
Narrator: Why, yes I do. And it sounds like you need some help, so I'll send Trauncle's most expendable-I mean trustworthy citizen to help you.
(One of the Narrator's hands pushes Stephens towards the group)
Template:hn Ah, Stephens.
Stephens: (Bells)
Template:gf I surprisingly understood that.
Template:ev So, Mr Narrator, if you know about the volcano, can you tell us where it might be?
Dooble: And hasty! My fungus is growing feet!
Narrator: It may just be a wild guess, but it may be in the dark, scary forest.
STEVENS: {trumpet noises}
NARRATOR: Whazzat, Stevens? You want to know where the dark, spooky forest is? Well, I'm not all that familiar with Dooble 2. Perhaps you could find someone more familiar with these types of games.
{Cut to the BODH meeting Hector at the Videmero-Games store}
Template:hn {eyelids lowered} Make it quick, Homest— I mean Hector.
Hector: Oh man, I've always wanted to talk to real QblePon!
Template:hn Cubee-What now?
HECTOR: Waddulon! Ooh! Ooh! Can you teach me the ways of the Level 4 spooky pants?
Template:hn Oh, you want those...
( Template:hn pulls out Homestar's Daisy Dukes)
Hector: Oh man, it's the spooky pants of legend!
(Homestar walks in.)
[[hsr:{{{1}}}|{{{2}}}]] So that's where I put my pants.
Template:sr Hector, we're not anime cards, we're dumb animal characters who need your help to find the forest in Dooble 2.
HECTOR: Ooh! Dooble 2? You must like games. I like games. Lemme guess. Lemme guess what games you like.
Template:gf This could take a while...
Hector: Fancy graphic games? No? Ok. Games with hands? You-you like hands?
Template:hn Some of us.
[[hsr:{{{1}}}|{{{2}}}]] I like Clapping Party.
Hector: Oh man, A QblePon that sounds just like me!
Template:ev I like just about every type of long as you don't use cardboard as a bullcrap aid
Template:ev NEVER!
(New Guy bites him again)
Template:ev AAHH! Okay, I get the point.
Template:ev anyway Street Masher is good and can someone remind me why we're discussing this again
Template:hn We need to find the Oriam Volcano.
(Kovitch walks in)
Kovitch: Oh, that thing?
Template:gf Look at the blue one, he's so adorable!
KOVITCH: Your hat sounds like a burger with juice.
Template:gf Why, thank you! I've always thought so m'self.
KOVITCH: I want to beat you with a cabbage patch.
Template:gf GAH! J— Buh— What?!
Template:hn Wait, you know about the volcano too?
Template:ce this guy gives me the jeebie heebies
KOVITCH: That volcano, is— is round, with... spiky earrings.
Template:gf Sounds about right!
Template:hn Spikey things... I know who to go to next!
Template:gf Wait, before we go-
Template:hn Yes, you can bring Kovitch.
[[hsr:{{{1}}}|{{{2}}}]] Hey, If Blueman can bring smaller Blueman, I wanna-
Template:hn Yes, you can bring Hector too.
(Cut to the outside of the Sun Prancer)
{Panda Bractice is playing a song}
GLENNIS: {singing} Cheese is the #1 item on our grocery list!
MARTA AND LIBBY: On our grocery list!
{The BODH walk in}
LUSJELTON: Hold up, members of the band Panda Bractice! We have visitors!
LIBBY: Oh. A buncha old guys?
Template:hn {whispering} Did she just call us old?
Template:gf Now listen up, whippersnapper! In my day, we learned to respect our elders. {whacks her with a cane} Now get off my lawn!
{Cut to Street Road Junction}
COBBLESTONE: Firstly, it is not a lawn, it is an recreational vehicle. Secondly, it does not belong to you, it belongs to them.
DIRT ROAD: Hey, who're you talkin' to?
COBBLESTONE: Oh, uhb— dah, nobody in particular, really. I was just—
{Dooble's face appears in place of Cobblestone's}
DOOBLE: I'm the #1 style in magazines worldwide!
{Cut back to the Sun Prancer. Dooble's face is missing.}
Template:gf Uh, guys? What happened to Dooble?
Template:ev Whatever. That probably happens to him all the time.
Template:hn Anyway, Banda Practice, we were told you guys knew something about an Oriam Volcano. And we need your help to find it.
GLENNIS: Who told you that?
Template:hn Some blue kid. He said something about spiky things.
{Glennis and Marta look at Libby}
LIBBY: What are you lookin' at me for?
MARTA: Sure, we can help you. We know about the volcano because—
GLENNIS: Wait, where's Lusjelton?
Template:hn Where's Gfd?
{Cut to the corner of the Sun Prancer, where Gfd is chasing Lusjelton around with a fork and knife}
LUSJELTON: Hey, you guys! Help me!
{Cut to the BODH, with shocked and disturbed expressions}
Template:ev Gfd, this is a new level of gross. Even for you.
Template:gf Aw man. I always wondered what he tasted like. {walks back}
Template:ev But still... come to think of it, Lusjelton, what are you made of? Gelatin?
Template:gf Sentient donut glaze?
Template:hn A potato?
Template:dn Stale cheetos?
Lusjelton: If I say the second thing, will you let me live?
Template:gf You win this time, Lus J, this time.
Kovitch: Meow!
Template:hn So you were saying, Marta?
MARTA: We know about the volcano because we found some map in our backyard. It had directions to an Oriam Volcano or something, but we didn't need it, so we gave it to some guy.
Template:hn WHO?!
LIBBY: Some arts-and-crafts guy. Last I heard, he was going to tape the map to a cardboard box for one of his videos.
Template:ev Oh no... not him.
(Cut to that familiar intro)
Joshow: I lost my job at the pharmacy than what do ya know? Hey, it's the Joshow Show! Featuring Joshow Jr.
Joshow Jr.: End my suffering!
JOSHOW: Hey, everybody, you got the Joshow here. And today we're going to need paper and duct tape! {puts the map and a roll of duct tape on his desk} 'Cause we're making Joshow's very own... cardboard-paper... tape... machine! Yeah, yeah! That's right!
HONSTLAR: {voiceover} Hey, Josh.
JOSHOW: Gwah! What is this armless monstrosity?
Template:hn Aw, poor thing, this is the first time he's seen a dumb animal character.
Hector: I still think that you're a QblePon.
{Joshow faints. Cut to a wide shot showing all characters except Joshow.}
Template:gf Oh dear.
Template:hn I'll just take that.
(Honstlar takes the map.)
Template:hn Hey, this is just a bunch of computer code!
Template:ev Now what?
Joshow Jr.: I think I know some guys.
Template:ev He deserved it for ruining video game-
(that thing bites him, this time where the sun doesn't shine)
Template:ev (simotuausly screaming while yelling) YOU ASKED FOR IT
(Both Eggpos bite EVG.)
Template:ev Okay, okay, I'll stop.
Singers: We can do it 'cause we're all CG!
(Record scratch, then cut to the whole gang in CG. (Including EVG.))
Template:gf Whoa! Look at me! I have so much depth! My head is all the way around! My shirt is in the third dimension! My feet incorporate the Z-axis!
ARLINGTON: Yes, it's true! Everything is better when you use computer tiggitytiggitytechnology!
Template:hn Look at me!
(Honstlar rolls around on the floor.)
Template:gf Yeah, he's a bit special.
Arlington: O-kiggitykiggityK
DOOBLE: My arms have more than one sauce!
Template:gf So, 3D-ers, we need your help to decode this map. {shows them the map, which is black and covered in green binary}
ROOTY: That doesn't look like something that can be fixed {close-up of his mouth} with the powers of CG.
ARLINGTON: Everything can be fixed with the magical healing powers of ciggityciggityCgiggitygiggityG!
THE LENORE STREET BRIDGE: Ri row rexactly roo rould relp! Rekot, root rup re Rermy rogram!
{Everyone stares in silence}
THE LENORE STREET BRIDGE: {flies over to a desk and writes "I know exactly who could help! Pekot, boot up the Lermy program!"}
ROTISSERIE: Ohhh. Now I get it.
PEKOT: Whoa-whoa-whoa! {walks over to an old computer and turns it on}
{Cut to the screen, resembling the Tandy 400, where Lermy and a command line is visible}
Template:sp Maybe that pancake can decode our map!
(Honstlar shoves the map into the screen.)
Template:hn What does it say?
(Text appears on the screen that says...)
Text: I don't know, something about mathence?
Template:gf Of course! He can decode this map! E'erybody, to Hot Di—
{Cut to the BODH in Hayden's kitchen, with a "splat".}
Template:gf Oh. Wrong "Hot Di". Everystyles, to the other Hot Di!
{Cut to the Hot Diggity theme song}
SINGERS: Science math science math science math science math science!
{Cut to Dr. Diggity explaining a pants diagram to Londie}
DR. DIGGITY: And that, my dear friend Londie, is why pants... are important.
LONDIE: {ecstatically} Science is all around us!!
DR. DIGGITY: Heh heh. It sure is, Londie... it sure is.
{The BODH walk up behind Dr. Diggity}
Template:hn Hey Dignity, we needja helps.
DR. DIGGITY: {without turning around} Oh my science! Someone broke in to the house/shed! We're being robbed! Londie, hide the science!
Template:hn Ah jeez. Just turn around, sci-m'n.
DR. DIGGITY: {turns around and sees the BODH} Hot diggity! Not you guys again! Ohhh... {faints}
Template:hn What was that all about? Why did he say "again"? We've never seen him before.
Template:gf Uh, you juys? {cut to the BODH's footprints} Those are our footprints. We've been here before... but in a different mation style.
Template:ce Gasp! {points to a desk with arts-and-crafts supplies on it} Could this mean?
Template:ev Dr. Diggity is Joshow!! This makes so much sense!
Template:gf No wonder he lost his job at the pharmacy. He's a terrible doctor!
Template:hn And he needs two shows just to make money!
{Zoom out to reveal Londie is still standing there, cowering in fear}
Template:gf Oh right. Forgot about that guy.
Template:sr {still dressed as Londie} Hey... you look familiar.
LONDIE: So do you.
Template:sr Weird.
Template:ev This may be a first for these Halloween type deals.
Template:hn 2 Londies? But that equals..... Still just 2 Londies.
Template:gf woah. I’m seeing double. Four SMRX-
(The lawyers of Matt Groening, actually those fez hatted dudes from Life in Hell, come in)
Fez Dude 1: Enough is enough.
Fez Dude 2: Yeah it’s bad enough Arsene’s catchphrase is from OUR comic strip.
Template:hn But wait, with two Londies... that should be causing a reality-breaking paradox that destroys the universe!
{The universe starts breaking}
Template:hn Say, shriners, have you seen this show before?
Both Fez Dudes: No.
Template:hn Well, you should probably know that on this show... 
(Honstlar pulls out the balloon animal tommy gun from The Mask)
Honstlar: WE DON"T LIKE LAWYERS! We're kinda like most kids shows from the '90s in that department.
Both Fez Dudes: Eep, forget we asked.
(The two dash off.)
Londie: What was that?
Honstlar: Oh nothing, say you think you can help us out with this volcano problem?
Londe: I still don’t get it was this really worth it to prank the dude
Template:gf What dude?
Template:ev Other Viddy Widdy guy
Template:hn What prank?
Template:ev Ugh, nevermind.
Londie: What was that about a volcano?
Template:sr ...there is one?
Template:hn That isn't helping, Armless Londie.
Hector: I think it was the Onaclov Mario.
Londie: You mean the Oriam Volcano?
Template:ev Bingo. We have a map, but it's too computery even for a computer.
Template:hn We needed Dr. Diggity's skills of mathence, but since we knocked him out, I guess we'll never know.
(Dr. Diggity wakes up)
Dr. Diggity: Nonsense, Honstlar, there is no such word as "never know" in science and math.
Template:hn How did you know my name?
Dr. Diggity: Uhh, it's on your body.
Template:hn Oh yeah.
(Honstlar hands the map to the good doctor.)
Dr. Diggity: Stand back, Londie, some serious science is about to happen.
(Dr. Diggity starts decoding the map.)
Template:gf Look at all that science.
{Cut to the map, which has "math" written all over it}
Template:hn I said decode it, not write math over and over.
Dr. Diggity: Oh sorry, I keep getting those confused.
Template:ev And he got his own TV show how?
(Cut to Dr. Diggity decoding the map for realz)
Dr. Diggity: Just gotta carry the Pi and add some more 0s and... FINISHED!
(Dr. Diggity hands Honstlar the map.)
Template:hn It worked!
(Cut to black and white stock footage of people cheering.)
Crowd: HOORAY!
(Cut back to Honstlar.)
{Cut to the decoded map in Honstlar's... er, grasp. It is a piece of beige paper showing Dr. Diggity's head on one side, and an "X" on the other, with an arrow in between. Various Two More Eggs series are seen around the map.}
Template:gf This is easy! We just need to follow this arrow and find the Oriam Volcano! All the while stumbling across various cratoon style types!
Template:hn Lessee, our first destination is... a kitchen. Odd.
{Cut to a kitchen. Music plays.}
MOM: Preparing dinner for family get-togethers and funerals can be a daunting task. People are so busy nowadays, so who has time to pick up fast food for your whole family? That's why I came up with these Dinner Type Meal Hacks. Hey, that could be a snap! {quietly} G— get it? 'Cause these hacks are a snap. And it— n— nevermind.
Template:gf I like this place.
Mom: Out of hamburger patties? So am I! That's why I substituted beef with an armless midget.
(Cut to Honstlar between two sesame seed buns)
Template:hn I'm kosher too!
Template:gf Aw man. Of all the people on planet This Planet, why did my friend/cousin/supreme overlord have to be made into a burger? Sigh... well, I guess it looks kinda pretty good. {picks up the Honstlar burger and slowly moves it toward his mouth}
Mom: It goes great with a side of cheapbutt tuna on top of cheapbutt supermarket caramel rice cakes
Announcer: Cheapbutt: Making less and less money since 1950.
Template:gf Gimme! (Eats caramel rice cake with tuna. His tounge, which he apparently has, protrudes put his teeth and has violent throbbing)
Template:sr Wait so Honstlar is Jewish now?
Template:hn Jawhat?
Template:sr Nevermind.
Mom: And for buns...steamed ham!
Template:sr Why would anyone want to steam cook a ham?
Template:hn I don't know.
Mom: Who needs spaghetti when you can just use hair?
(Cut to Dean who has sauce on her head.)
Template:dn I can think of a couple people.
(Cut to the map where an Indiana Jones type red line move towards the next series.)
They arrive in...the Fortune Cookies area, which happens to be located in a Mellow Mushroom chapter that offers some sparse foreign cusine like jack in the Box
Template:gf Please tell me this restaurant is devoid of fish and rice cakes.
Template:ev singing to self “Ricey rivet rice, no one like-“
Template:hn No. We don’t mention that show here.
(Rabite picks up a cookie)
Cookie: "You made a wrong turn, try an actual Two More Eggs Series."
Rabite: Wow. you don't see that every day.
(Cut to the line that moves towards Shinebuckle Acres)
TIGER: Oh no! Professor Snickerling has stolen every last dappleberry!
FLOOFTIME: Now how will we ever sneeze happiness to the world?
CAT: Hey, maybe those guys can help us!
TIGER: An armless purple midget, a gross bluem'ns, a girl coach, a guy with a computer, a drawing, some sort of balloon man, a rabbit, a school principal, a no-armed whitey, two eggplants, a nonsense-talkface, an orange nonsense-talkface, and a small blue nonsense-talkface?
CAT: Sounds good to me!
Template:gf Did they just call me a gross bluem'ns?
Template:hn Say no more, Cutsycorns, me and Timby will get those berries back!
Dooble: Let us grasp on to our lives!
Template:hn You said it, new best friend.
Template:gf New best friend? What happened to your old best friend?
Template:ev I smell a subplot...
(Cut to Prof. Snickerling running with the dappleberries.)
Template:hn Stop right there, criminal scum!
Template:hn What do I do now? I didn't expect him to actually stop.
Template:ev Well, this is a kids' show. They can't portray disobedience.
PROFESSOR SNICKERLING: {holds up a contract} I'm legally obligated to do whatever the good guys say!
Template:hn {to the Cutesycorns} Why don't you guys just tell him to stop stealing your berries?
TIGER: This is a kids' show. We're not supposed to be smart!
Template:gf Eh, makes sense.
Template:hn Now, give back the dapplebarries.
(Snickerling does that.)
Template:hn Now, bring back the penguin.
(He does that too.)
Penguin: I'm back, or something.
Dooble: Back massage!
(That too!)
(Cut to a commercial.)
Announcer: With new Kismit Army figures, you can take Gankroar and Cheeby's adventures to the next level!
Template:hn Kiswhat?!?
ANNOUNCER: And don't forget to catch Gankroar in tonight's cartoon show episode of the cartoon show!
{Cut to the theme song}
SINGER: Gankroar! He's a celestial guardian of the Klanktor!
Template:gf Wait, how are we in space now?
Template:hn Beats me.
{Cut to Gankroar, floating through space near a spaceship}
GANKROAR: Gankroar to Stroganaut. We are prepared for intergalactic transportation to Gankulon-Twice.
STROGANAUT: Roger that, Gankerson!
Template:gf Gasp!! Is this...? This is the leg'dary Gankroar/Beef Stroganauts crossover supreme!!
HECTOR: I've been waiting for this moment since the 1940s! Let me just do this real quick... {gets out a piece of cardboard, draws a TV on it, and cuts it out, with a hole for the screen; he looks through the screen} Whoa. It's like I'm right there, sitting at home watching this on my TV.
CHEEBY: Hey there, Gankroar, can I help too?
GANKROAR: No, Cheeby, no one likes you. Your sole purpose on this show is to sell merchandise.
CHEEBY: But I don't have any poses or accessories available in a discount 3-pack at toy stores everywhere! {a "Cheap as Free" logo appears}
GANKROAR: My point exactly. {kicks Cheeby into the distance}
CHEEBY: {distant; fading out} Waaaah-I'll-be-back-in-the-next-episode-with-no-explanatioooon!
STROGANAUT: So, Roargank, let's get ready to stroge across the galaxy!
GANKROAR: {looks at the BODH} Hey. You guys want to come along? We're getting burgers.
Template:gf Count me in!
Template:hn Count me twice!
{Cut to live-action figures of the BODH near a live-action version of the spaceship}
ANNOUNCER: {voiceover} And now, YOU can purchase the new weird-dumb-animal-characters set of figurines for to fit inside the Stroge-MobileTM!
ANNOUNCER 2: {voiceover; quickly} Each sold seperately. Batteries not included. Not capable of getting burgers. Don't set them on fire near other people or their houses. Don't steal my job. I don't want to be fired again.
{Cut back to the cartoon}
GANKROAR: 'Kay you guys, hop in. Gankulon-Twice has some of the best fast food chains in the Cosmar Nebula!
CHEEBY: {pops up behind Gankroar} It's true!
GANKROAR: Cheeby! You're going to lower the show's ratings. Get outta here.
CHEEBY: Cheeby wants to come along for the ride too!
GANKROAR: All right. Get in.
{Everyone gets into the spaceship}
(The ship speeds past Scramble Dan.)
Scramble Dan: Weird, I don't see things like that on my planet......Scramblescramble
Template:hn (offscreen) That's cause you're a stupid Communist!
Scramble Dan: I get that a lot.
(The ship lands on an asteroid with a fast food restaurant on it with a sign written in an alien language.)
Template:hn Wow, this place looks cool.
(Cut to SRMX12 trying to read the sign.)
Template:sr What's this place called?
Gankroar: Ordango's: The Best Cow Flesh This Side Of Keron.
Template:gf Kewha?
Template:hn I'll explain that later.
(Cut to the inside of the resturant.)
Template:hn Two alien cheeseburgers please!
ROBO-WAITER: Comin' right up.
STROGANAUT: And a side order of stroge!
DOOBLE: I must have ninety boards before the sunrise!
LUSJELTON: {pops up out of nowhere} Sentient donut glaze!
Template:ev Isn't that cannibalism, sentient donut glaze?
LIBBY: {pops up out of nowhere} Small meats!
HOT DIP: {appears in an explosion of Hot Dip} I'll-a be having Hot Dip-uh!
HAYDEN'S MOM: {appears} I'll be having Cold Dressing. {an ad for "Cold Dressing" appears}
JOSHOW: {voiceover} Click on my ads!
TURCHKID03: {appears} You guys have seasoned corn chips?
TINY PIES LADY: {appears} Enough tiny pies to jam this place up, y'all!
RENFROW: {appears} Four times!
Template:hn WILL YOU TWO MORE EGGSES GET OUTTA HERE? We're trying to order our alien food in this alien restaurant!
ROBO-WAITER: And what will this blue man be having?
Template:gf Well, I was thinking of ordering...
Template:gf ...two robotic burgers...
Template:gf ...three robotic burgers...
Template:gf ...and nine robotic burgers.
ROBO-WAITER: I'm sorry, we do not have that. Will eleven robotic burgers do?
Template:gf Good as great!
ROBO-WAITER: Anything else?
Template:gf {looks at the menu} I'd also like a goop sandwich, a cosmic pizza, four tentacle breads, some space-time reality-bending sauce, a pile o' cash, a few of the crackers made of molten lava, an interdimensional cheese-stick, spaghetti, a side of space-whale nuggets...
{Fade to later. It's dark and everyone has left, except for Gfd and the waiter (who looks tired)}
Template:gf ...fourteen spiky salads, the alien soup, ice cream-flavored ice cream, beef stroganauts, and a slice of schlwrghmnck.
ROBO-WAITER: {wheezily} Will... that... be... all... sir...?
Template:gf No, that's it. Ooh! Wait! Let me look through the menu once more.
ROBO-WAITER: You've... {deep breath} already... ordered... everything on the, um... uh... menu.
Template:gf I know, but I'm just ordering more of what I already ordered. A fresh pile of melted butter, planet gravy... hmm, what else?

(The fast food place has closed)
Template:ev oh dear what have you done
Template:gf 'M srry.
{They walk back on to the ship}
GANKROAR: Another successful mission, stroganauts.
Template:hn Say, Ganky, think you guys could get us to our next destination? {hands Gankroar the map}
GANKROAR: Well, all right. Stroge Leader, set course for... the Cubulon system? Never heard of that place before.
Template:sr Don't think that's how you pronounce it.
HECTOR: {gasp} Cubulon?! Does... does this means?!
{The ship blasts off. Cut to the QblePon intro.}
Singers: You know you wanna look at them...
Hector: That is so right!
Singers: You know you wanna look at them...
Template:sp I guess if it's sung, it must be true.
Singers: You know you wanna look at them...
Template:ev Will we ever get to the ghosts?
Singers: You know you wanna look at them...
Template:sr We're not even halfway through.
Singers: Ah-oooo, It's QblePon...
(We see Honstlar riding Beestburden.)
Template:hn THIS IS AWESOME!
Singers: Ah-oooo, It's QblePon, Pon-Pon-QblePon!
{Cut to the kid and the deck of cards sitting on the grass, with another deck of cards between them}
CARDS: Zipperpocket, eh? Well, how'd you like a taste of Lizardorondemous?! {takes a card out of himself and puts it on the deck}
HECTOR: This is so much less cool than I imagined.
Template:hn Hey, kid! Use Pandatowne!
Template:gf No, use Butterspark! The most electrifyingly delicious of the Level 4 molluskopods!
Kovitch: Use Feedums!
Template:ev Oh yeah, I forgot we brought him.
Dooble: Lanflog!
Hector: Ooh, that's a good one.
Template:gf (Thinking) He's better at saying funny words?!? Of course, you realize this means war.
Template:ev (Offscreen) Dun, dun, dun!
(The deck of cards pulls out Lanflog, a weird half-tree half-modem thing.)
KID: Oh no! Lanflog? That's the only card that can defeat Zipperpocket!!
DECK OF CARDS: I win again! {turns toward the BODH} So, who are you guys? Characters from QblePon: Deluxe Pack?
HECTOR: They most certainly are!
HOMESTAR RUNNER: Quiet up, mini-me.
Template:gf We're dumb animal characters from an alternate universe!
DECK OF CARDS: Sounds like QblePon: Deluxe Pack to me. Hey, want to play a match?
Template:hn Oh, I don't know...
DECK OF CARDS: How 'bout we make a deal? If you win, I give you guys the QblePon Stone! {holds up the stone}
{Cut to the BODH staring in awe}
KID: Wait, you had the stone this whole time? I've been asking where to find it for years, man!
DECK OF CARDS: Oh, right. I, uh, forgot.
Template:hn I accept your humble challenge, Senor Carddeck!
Template:gf Yeah! You're outnumbered anyways. Outnumbered 12 to 1! Or... however many of us there are. I've lost count.
KID: Uh, sorry, you guys, but QblePon is strictly a two-player game.
DECK OF CARDS: You'll have to pick a member of your team with the most QblePonning experience!
{Cut to Hector prancing giddily}
HECTOR: I have waited for this moment my entire life.
{Cut to the QblePon Arena, which looks similar to a wrestling ring. In the middle, there is a table with cards on it. Hector and the deck of cards are sitting at opposite ends of the table, while the BODH and other characters watch from the benches.}
Template:hn Go Hector!
[[hsr:{{{1}}}|{{{2}}}]] You can do it, Mini-Me, you just gotta believe in Cola!
Dooble: I've never been to a PolkaMan convention before.
Template:hn You read PolkaMan?!
(He pulls out a comic book featuring a superhero version of Weird Al.)
Dooble: Of course I can tango!
(The two dance.)
Template:gf Rassafrassa, tango man...
(Hector plays Feedums.)
DECK OF CARDS: Feedums, eh? You know he can only be bested by... STAMPLER! {plays a card with a purple creature covered in stamps}
HECTOR: Nice try, Deckeman, but I've got Flawdool! ...Or should I use Pantso? Or Laseroni? Or Samalando? ...Yeah, I'll go with Pantso.
DECK OF CARDS: Oh man! I don't have any defense against Pantso's formidable stylings. I'll just go for the attack! Let 'im have it, Quakemonger!
{Cut to the BODH in the stands}
Template:gf Oh dear Dan! He's never gonna make it!
HECTOR: {offscreen} Aw man, you guys. Aw man of mans! I've never felt such excitement! I can't wait to see if Hector wins!
{Pan left to show Homestar, talking and apparently chewing something}
Template:hn Homestar, don't talk and eat at the same time. It makes you sound all lispy.
{Cut to Strong Bad and Strong Sad in the audience. Strong Bad is eating popcorn and wearing a QblePon shirt, and Strong Sad is wearing a sloshy shirt.}
STRONG SAD: Strong Bad, what are we doing here? You told me we were seeing a sloshy concert.
STRONG BAD: Nah, sloshy doesn't do live shows no more. Their next single is so obscure, you have to go to a shady underground record store! I mean literally underground. It's in like this dark cave. Oh, and it's not really a store. It basically consists of this one guy in a trenchcoat, selling stolen and fake records for outrageous prices. If you tell him the secret password, he'll give you a riddle. The answer to that riddle is "Mount Everest", which you will have to climb to the top of. Once you get there, you'll find a game cartridge for an obsolete console that hasn't sold a single copy in thirty years. Once you purchase one of these consoles and insert the cartridge, you must play through an entire 180-hour RPG first-person shooter with low-res graphics on maximum difficulty. You can only beat the game by using the cheat code for a few more coins. This cheat code is only findable in certain copies of the game manual, which has never and will never exist. Once you beat the game and sit through the 10-hour credits, a code will appear for one hundredth of a second. If you decode it, it will show you a URL. If you type this URL into your browser, you'll find a link to download an illegal bootleg of the song with poor audio quality!
STRONG SAD: So obscure! Uh, how do you know all this?
STRONG BAD: The interwebs, man! Wireless communication technology is the future of mankind! {holds up his Compy Phone, which is larger than a regular Compy}
STRONG SAD: That looks outdated by several decades.
STRONG BAD: The future, I said.
{Cut back to the QblePon table. Stanchmode is at the top of the deck.}
HECTOR: {voiceover} Zampdappler! {plays a card with a cloud with sunglasses, with a lightning bolt and rainbow rain}
DECK OF CARDS: {voiceover} Swampslash! {plays a card with Swampslash from the Topplegangers}
HECTOR: {voiceover} Seemingly Sam! {plays Seemingly Sam}
DECK OF CARDS: {voiceover} Crampstaunch! {plays a card with a rainbow afro on a pair of shorts}
Kovitch: Crampstaunch? But that's one of the most powerful cards in Series 1!
Template:hn Well, he's boned.
Deck: Face it, Orangotang, this game is as good as over.
(Hector has a smug look on his face.)
Hector: Oh, I think you've forgotten your BBs
Deck: My what?
Hector: Your BBs, or as we professionals call it...
(Pulls out Beestburden.)
Hector: ...Beestburden.
Template:ev Gasp!
Deck: Oh no, that's the most powerful card in Series 11!
Kovitch: 427.
Template:hn Greg, remind me to scream in a pillow after this cartoon.
Hector: I activate Beestburden's Secret Fist, Missile Barrage!
(Beestburden emerges from his card and blasts the deck of cards with missiles.)
Announcer: And the winner is Hector!
{The deck's arm weakly reaches up from beneath the table, holding the QblePon Stone}
HECTOR: Yes! Finally!! I get to wish what no one has wished before!
Template:gf {takes the stone} I wish for an extra large barrel of shrimp-flavored tube socks!
KID: Uh, that stone only takes QblePon wishes. Also, it only works once.
Template:ev That's kind of a useless stone then, isn't it?
HECTOR: {takes the stone} I wish for QblePon to become rea—
KID: You might want to word that better. {gestures to the deck of cards}
HECTOR: I wish for the QblePon monsters to become real!
{Cards of each QblePon character float up from the table and transform into the real QblePon character, like the title sequence. The BODH stare in awe.}
SINGER: {singing} You know you want to look at them... You know you want to look at them... You know you want to look at them... You know you want to look at them... Ohhh, it's QblePon! Ohhh, it's QblePon—Pon—Pon, QblePon!
HECTOR: Aw man! That may be the best thing I have ever seen!
Template:sr Maybe these card creatures can help us with our journey to the volcano!
Template:ev Uh, sorry, Srmy, but I think there's too many of them. We can't possibly take all of these characters with us.
{Hector picks up the stone and the QblePons are vacuumed inside of it}
Template:hn What did you just do?!
HECTOR: I put all the QblePons in this QblePon Stone! Now we can get one whenever we need it! Allow me to demonstrate. Beestburdin! Come on out here!
{Beestburdin flies out of the stone.}
HECTOR: This guy can help us get to our next destinasche! Hop on, you QblePon Deluxe Packs!
Template:hn For the last time, we're not— ah, whatever.
{Everyone gets on Beestburdin, as he flies offscreen. Cut to a stage where a gopher is sitting. Beestburdin flies in with everyone riding him.}
Template:gf Hey, it's my favorite singer!
FRANCIS SWEETMOUTH: {singing} Why did you take my paaaste?
{Everyone applauds}
Template:hn Bravo!
Template:sr Encore!
DOOBLE: Tortilla!
FRANCIS SWEETMOUTH: {normal voice} Tha— that wasn't a song, I was asking... why did you take my paste?
Template:hn Oh. Sorry, Francis, but we didn't take your paste.
Template:ev Yeah. Right, Garbles?
{Gfd slowly backs away}
Template:ev Garbles?
Template:gf {holds up the map, which has some glue on it} I accidentally ripped the map during that QblePon match. I needed some paste to glue it together.
{Slow zoom in to Francis Sweetmouth, with a firey red background}
FRANCIS SWEETMOUTH: {deep voice} You're the culprit all along.
Template:gf Noooo!
Template:ev CHEESE IT!
(Beestburdin speeds off and the gang FINALLY reach the Oriam Volcano.)
Template:sr It's about time!
New Guy: Well, what are we waiting for?
Template:hn Cannonball!
(Honstlar grabs Dooble and jumps into the volcano. Gfd follows suit.)
Template:gf When will my sub-plot be resolved?
(Hector and Kovitch ride Beestburdin into the volcano)
Hector: Best day ever!
{Cut to inside the volcano. It is pixelated and looks like a generic platformer.}
Template:gf So, it'll be like playing a game! This will be fun. {jumps on an eggpo}
OLD-TIMER: Hey there, young'un, watch yourself!
Template:gf Whoops. Sorry, old guy.
{Suddenly, the screen changes. There are buttons at the top reading "CHARACTERS", "QBLEPON", "ITEMS", "ACTIONS", and "HELP". In the middle, there is a picture of the BODH in a pixelated style. At the bottom is some text reading:}
> An eggpo approaches you. What do you do?
Template:hn Whoa! What happened?
Template:sr The interface changed!
OLD-TIMER: Why, that troublemaker Jimley mus've already corrupted the code and changed the game genre!
Template:hn I don't know what to do! Uh... {clicks the Help button}
Click "CHARACTERS" to switch your character between Honstlar, Gfd, Coach E, SRMX12, EDITED Video Greg, Stom, Rabite, Dean, Homestar Runner, New Guy, Old-Timer, Dooble, Hector, or Kovitch.
Click "QBLEPON" to use any QblePon. They all have different abilities.
Click "ITEMS" to use an item in your inventory.
Click "ACTIONS" to talk, look, fight, dodge, jump, get, or dance.
Click "HELP" for help.

Your health is 5/5.
Your inventory contains: 1 map, 1 jar of gopher paste.
Your current character is: Honstlar.
Template:gf I get it, I get it. So how does it work?
> I say the responses, and the next person gives the commands. For example, if I say "There's a cliff", you say "Jump", "Beestburdin", "Stom", "Map", or whatever you want to do.

It's like a forum game basically.
Template:gf A "forum"... "game"?
> Ah, just forget it. Strange entities from an alternate dimension will understand, and that's all that matters.
Template:hn All right then. Let's go!
Template:hn GO NORTH
> You find yourself in a dungeon for some reason. You see some sorta dungeonm'n trying to get a flask. Blatent entrences are North, South and Wilson.

Template:sr This ones too easy. USE GFD ON FLASK.
Template:gf Wait, what?
(SRMX12 grabs Gfd and uses him to smack the flask off the pedestal and into the hands of the Dungeonman.)
Dungeonman: Finally, a non lode-bearing flask! How can I ever repay you?
New Guy: We're looking for some one who looks like us, Eggplant, Yellow hair, named Jimley.
Dungeonman: Oh those guys, they went Wilson, said something about a Pretty Prism or something.
Template:sr Pretty Prism... MY COMPUTER!! (He dashes away to Wilson.)
> You are now at Wilson. There is a door with a lock, and spikes hanging down from the ceiling. What do you do?
Template:ev Rip off lock
(Enter KOT Who begins eating it)
> The King of Town is not a member of your party.
THE KING OF TOWN: Doo! {poofs away}
> Anyways, the lock is too strong, and you lack the power to rip it off. The spikes begin to close in.
Template:ev Well, this is great. Now how are we gonna open that door?
Hector: I got it all covered, Two-Tone! I just so happen to know a master locksmith. ZOCK CLICK
> All right! Zock Click picks the lock and opens the door. You escape the dungeon just in thyme— the spikes are just about to block the door. Well done!

You find yourself back in the volcano. There is a small pit, with a Flappin Eggpo flying over it.
New Guy: Ooh, a guy with wings! Maybe he can tell me where I can get some!
(Cut to the Old Timer leaning towards Honstlar)
Old Timer: He does this all the time.
Honstlar: I don't blame him either.
Old Timer: Let me handle this. TALK FLAPPIN EGGPO
> "Oh, so you want to learn how to get wings, huh?", says the eggpo, "Well, it's extremely confidential! I don't even know where I got 'em. I just woke up with these one day. But Dark Cloth Supreme told me this riddle:

Destroy the cursed fruit,
for inside holds the key
to strengthful heights.

Touch the feathered key,
and it will vanish forever
leaving you a changed man.

Pretty neat, huh? I wonder what it means."
New Guy: Write that down, WRITE THAT DOWN!
(SRMX12 starts writing it down.)
Template:hn Dark Cloth Supreme? Now you're just begging for me to ask if he's related to Grindolo!
Dooble: Who is this Grammercy you speak of?
Template:hn Oh, you have a lot to learn, my friend.
> "Oh, that? He said something about "De bug" and then he disappeared." Said the wingaling eggplant.

Template:ev Holy crap, that worked!
Old Timer: De bug? Oh no, he must have activated Debug Mode!
NEW GUY: Oh man! Debug mode! The glitchiest mode to ever exist!!
Template:ev Wait, are we talking Sonic-type Debug Mode or Arcade-type Debug Mode?
Old Timer: Sonic-type, unfortunately.
Template:hn Well, in that case, we just need to find out the cheat code he used so we can make things a bit easier for us.
New Guy: But the code could be anything!
Hector: Don't worry, I've got this covered too.
(Hector puts on a golfer's hat.)
Hector: Well, Caddy Kovitch, which QblePon should we use to get out of this jamtape?
> Jamtape is not a real QblePon character. Remember?
HECTOR: Aw Stan. Pick sumpin' else!
Kovitch: Well in that case, might I recommend a selection from the Non-Existant Letter expansion?
Hector: Excellent choice! BRUTFOURZE
(A rocket-like creature made of 1s and 0s emerges from the stone)
> You're really getting the hang of this! You have summoned the mighty hacker, BrutFourze, what will you do now?

Hector: Use your Secret Fist, CODE CRACK!
> BrutFourze breaks into the mainframe and deciphers the code Jimley used— 10011011011001.
Hector: IT WORKED!
Template:gf May I?
Hector: Go right ahead, new best friend!
Template:gf Ahem... DEBUG 10011011011001
> You use the code to end debug mode. Th̶e̸ ̶t̴e̶x̸͈̩̐̚t̷̛̼̹͒̌ ̷̨̪͖͆b̸̮̦͆͋̿ǫ̷̻̘̅x̸̛̟ ̴͎̩̠̄̈́̓c̵͕͉̮̅͜l̶̜̑̑ơ̷͚̞̒͠s̶͖̓̒e̷̗̖̗̱͑̉̾ş̷̈̚̕,̶̼̣̞́ ̴͇̯̹̗̒͛̓̀ạ̶̢̣̖̀̋n̴̰̦̩̬̚͠ḑ̶̃̎͂̽̍͠ ̵̳̯̗̼͕̞̠̦̠̺̾͠ͅi̸̡̢̠͙̼̘̫͓͆t̴͈̲̤̯̞̖̀t̵̰͇̬̼͓̼̙̗̱̠̿̒͑̀͘u̶̟̼̱̇͐̽̑̑͋͗̐̕̚͝5̷̺͊͛̅͛̊͋̽́̚̕]̵̮̠͉̰͎͙̖̠͂̀̚͝͝ ̴̡͚̞͙̭͌͌̿̃͑̈́͂̀̕m̷̨̥̞̮̼̤͒̉͌́̆̀̈́3̶̩̦̬̥̮̞̘̝̩̐̔̏̿̽̓̂̚͜͝ͅ4̷̧̰̰̩̬͉̣̜̩͖̼̣̗̈́̊̏̒̀k̵̼̫̖̼͎̊͆̎͒́ͅs̸͉̹͈̩̱͚̦͙̰͕͓̀̀̔̏̂̇͊͑͒̕͝ ̵̡̨̢̣͓̦̖͓̻͑̍̍͐͊̓͋̔̾̅̾̚̕͜a̸̭̙̜͓̼̗̯͇̎̈́͊̓̀͌̾͜f̴̩͇͉͔̠̞̬̯̈́̏̑̔̈́́͊͗̏̕͝4̷̢̧̰̀̈̒̀͒͘f̶͕̖̹̬̱̯͍͕͎̰̞̂ḩ̵̨̻̠͈̲̼͎̝̰̅̃͊̈́̎̑̕̕E̷̛͍̺͂̅͂̈̑̎͗̇̍͝Ṝ̴̮̠̬̦̼͐̏̌͌͌̿͛̎̇͗̄̊͆ͅR̷̨̥̲̰̜͔̺̜̣͕̻̃̐̊̓͒͌͂̽̎͘O̴̫̿͌̓̅̈̈́͠Ŕ̵̨͕͎͙̙̺̝͛̌̆̃̉͊͐̎̊̕͘ ̷̲͎͉͉͖̯̱̙͑͌͜Ṃ̵̨̢̛̩͈̳̙̟̠̜̔͐̒̊̌̈̑̀͛͝͝͠ͅA̶̰̟̻̞̥͈͈͍̼̥̦̭̐̏͜ͅĻ̵̤̖̬͔̙̭͇̤̥̞̥́̊͗͌͗̓̕F̸͔͉̣̆̾͊̊͆̎̂͗͌̒̕͠͝͝ͅÙ̵̞͝N̴̢̡̛͈̈́̎̃́̌͑̽͂̓̒̈́͒̓Ç̵̭̭̳̳̩̺̹͊̀̎̏͆͘̚ͅT̵͙͖͎̀͆͛͆̈̇I̴̢̲̩͇̘̫̩͆̉̾̽Ò̷͍̤͐̕͘͠N̵̛̫̝̰͓̫̝͈̗̩̟͉̈́͑̎̽̈̀̈̒̊̕ ̶̛͍̈́͌͐́̎̒̑̀̆̍̍͗͘4̵̞̞̥̠͍͕̮͙̖̝͋0̵̡̘͍͙̝̥̗͕̟̲͉̃4̴̧̨̨̝̱̬̙̭̙̹̖̜͎̭͂̔̎̈̾̎̄͋̿́̒͂̚ ̸̜̃̋̉É̶̼̼͔͙̳̱̐̅R̸̮̫̳̃̊̋̿̀̑̾̌̕͜͠R̷̨̦̫͉͉͈͓̹̭͚̮͐̒͐͐̐͌̈́̕͜ͅỌ̶̧͎̳͋R̷̻̳̲̺̯̩͎̫͚̪̻͑̎͗͗̄̓̚̕͝

{The screen glitches, and suddenly the game is back to normal. The text and buttons are gone, and it looks like a regular platformer game.}
Template:gf We did it! Now we don't have to deal with those annoying buttons and text responses.
FLAPPIN EGGPO: Hey, you guys gonna keep going or not? I need a break! I've been flyin' here all day!
Template:hn He's right, we can't let Jimley infect everything!
Template:ev How are you sure that hasn't already happened yet?
Template:hn Because I have a funny hat.
Dooble: This man is a jeans!
Template:hn Thanks, Doobs!
Template:gf (Thinking) He even gave him a freaking nickname?!? That's it! When we get to the Prisma, I'm gonna show him what for!
Template:hn Alright gang, let's move!
FLAPPIN EGGPO: A'ight. Good luck, youze guys.
Template:hn See you later, Flappy!
FLAPPIN EGGPO: Hey wait now, can I come with ya's? I thinks my wings'd be a real asset to the team.
Template:gf Why, sure!
Template:sr Another team member. This is getting so great!
Template:ev Now we'll definitely be able to—
{New Guy jumps on Flappin Eggpo, squishing him and causing wings to appear. New Guy takes the wings and becomes a Flappin Eggpo.}
NEW GUY: YOU GUYS! I finally got wings! I figured out the riddle! I— I'm set for life!
{Everyone stares disapprovingly}
New Guy: Forget I said anything.
(Cut to the inside of SRMX12's computer, it's kinda like Tron, but grey instead of black.)
Template:sp Wow, I never knew computers were so grey on the inside.
Template:hn This isn't new for me.
Template:gf Yeah, we've been in computers before. We turned into pizza and talked to rodents.
{A white, transparent eggpo flies by}
GHOST: My name is Jimley! {disappears}
Template:hn Whoa. That was weird.
{Another one appears}
GHOST: My name is Jimley! {disappears}
{Eventually, the whole computer is full of Jimley ghosts floating around, as echoey "my name is Jimley"s are heard, constantly overlapping}
Template:sr Oh no! Jimley has already infected my 'puter!
Template:hn We gotta get rid of the many ghosts of Mr. Jimley!
Template:gf Hey guys... hear that?
{Stomping is heard from offscreen}
Template:hn {looking up} It's... the end boss!
New Guy: Worse, it's Dark Jimley Omega!
(Cut to a giant Jimley ghost wearing a leather jacket)
Template:gf Mmm... gulp!
Template:hn There's no way we can beat this guy on our own. He's way too strong! I never thought I'd say this, but... we need a turn-based battle interface!
> Now you're talkin'!
Template:hn So, do we have to choose from specific options and click buttons again this time?
> Naw, man. I'm giving you more freedom this time. I'm generous that way. Just... do whatever you want.
Dark Jimley breathes fire at you. What do you do now?
Template:gf Aw, morphing again? I hardly even know what a Power Ranger is.
> After a long morphing sequence and a backwards flip, you fail to dodge the beast's flames. But at least you're more powerful than before.
Your health is now 4/5.
What wouldst thou deau?
> You deliver a Rider Kick directly to the beast's face. It's health is now 627/650.

Template:hn Oh, you gotta be flonding kidding me!
Template:gf I'll take care of this! EAT HAIR
> You tear off a whole chunk of hair. Without the power of his hair, his attacks are now 50% less potent. He runs around in pain, crashing into a wall, creating sparks that light a fire near you. The fire slowly spreads. His health is now 614/650.
Template:sp Leave this to me! EXTINGUISH FLAMES WITH WAFFLES
You retrieve the QblePon Stone, and just in time.

Hector: Now you've pooped in the peanut barrel! SUMMON PANTSO
> Pantso flies up and kicks Dark Jimley Omega in the head repeatedly. His health is now 572/650.

He spits out a riddle: The window to the soul is the weakest part of a vegetable.
Template:hn "Window to the soul"? Sounds like a Meat Loaf album.

> The planes strike the beast and gross him out because he hates meatloaf. His health is now 400/650.

Template:sr I wonder what he meant by window to the soul...
Template:hn Why do video game hints have to be so cryptic? This isn't Spirits of '76, man!
Template:gf Yeah, this is more like Spirits of '18. Lookit all those ghostm'ns!
Template:sr Well, I have recently programmed a riddle-solving algorithm on my Prisma. But...
{Cut to the Prisma's screen, which is black and full of Jimley ghosts}
Template:sr ...I can't really use it right now.
Template:ce Maybe we can find the code around here somewhere.
Template:gf Why bring ourselves to the code when we can bring the code to us?
Hector: Say no more, Eastereggm'n! SUMMON BRUTFORZE
> Brutforze uses his code-tracker to locate the program. He types in the riddle.
The window to the soul is the weakest part of a vegetable.
His eye is his weak spot.
Template:sr Of course! Windows to the soul is an analogy for eyes!
Template:gf And "vegetable" can refer to an eggplant, like Jimley!
NEW GUY: Hey man, we only look like eggplants!
Stevens: (Bell sounds)
Template:hn Oh, I forgot you were in this cartoon, but you raise a good point none the less. THROW CAN OF BEANS AT EYE
> You hurl that bean-can right at that beast's sights. It hits him square in the pupil. He closes his eyes and runs around in pain, tripping over a rope, activating a trap, trapping you guys in a cage. His health is now 212/650.
Template:gf Whoa, those beans really made a difference! Just one third left!
Template:hn Not that we can really do anything in here.
Kovitch: I could squeeze out of the bars and try to get you guys out!
Template:gf But New Best Friend, you could get hurt!
Kovitch: That's a risk I'm willing to take. Because I can do a firework without any fireworks.
(Kovitch escapes the cage.)
Template:gf Good luck!
Template:hn Wait, "New Best Friend", what happened to your old one?!
Template:gf Why don't you tell me, DoobleFan1927?!
{Gfd and Honstlar argue unintelligibly}
Template:sr Hey guys, GUYS. Kovitch is trying a plan.
KOVITCH: D'worry 'bout it, guys. I got this. SQUEEZE THROUGH BARS AND PICK LOCK
> You do that.

Kovitch: Yipee!
Template:gf All right, you guys. The beast is almost dead! We only need one more hit to the eye!
DOOBLE: My legs can do the rodeo!
Template:gf Rodeo? I don't see how that's relevant to... wait! Rodeo! Horses! BEESTBURDIN!
Template:hn Dooble, that's the best idea I've ever heard!
> You summon Beestburdin, hop on, and ride him at breakneck speed right into Dark Jimley Omega's twisted, evil eyeball, destroying it in a big, firey ball that's visible from space. His health is now -17/650.
{The ghosts start disappearing, and everything returns to normal}
Template:sr Wow! Thank you so much, Dooble!
Template:gf You're welc— wait a minute...
Template:ce Dooble, you're a genius!
DOOBLE: I bid you all the finest pants!
Template:hn Every word that comes out of his perfect mouth is like a drop of molten gold upon my ear-flesh!
HOMESTAR RUNNER: That man is quite literally the best thing I have ever seen.
Template:sp We couldn'ta done it without him! He saved us all himself!
{They lift Dooble up on their shoulders and carry him around}
Template:hn  Template:ce  Template:sr  Template:ev  Template:sp  Template:dn Dooble! Dooble! Dooble! Dooble! Dooble!
{They keep cheering. Cut to Gfd. On each "Dooble", the camera abruptly zooms in more, until it's an extreme close-up of his eyes. His left eye twitches and he turns red.}
Template:gf THIS IS THE LAST STRAW!! {kicks Dooble through the wall}
{The BODH stare in shock and silence}
Template:sr Whoa. I must admit, I never thought Gfd of all people could do that.
Template:hn I was wondering when he'd give in to that B-plot. It was only a matter of time.
DOOBLE: Er... your foot is made of salad dressing, you blue loaf!
Template:gf Oh, it's on!
Template:hn  Template:ce  Template:sr  Template:ev  Template:sp  Template:dn Fight! Fight! Fight!
(A typical cartoon fight breaks out.)
Template:gf This one is for the tango!
Dooble: This one is stale!
Template:gf Oh yeah, well this one is for stealing my best friend!
Template:hn Wait, what?
(The fight stops.)
Template:gf Don't act like you don't know, you ditched me for Hobo Dr. Nick and left me for dead!
Template:hn What are you talking about?! That's not what I meant when I said that.
Template:gf What does it mean?
Template:hn It means I was just saying that I added him to my Friend List.
(Pulls out his Friend List and turns to page 1.)
Template:gf Huh, that's a weird way to spell Dooble.
Template:hn No, it's your name.
(Cut to the page, which has "1. Gfd" written in pink crayon, as well as a drawing of Honstlar and Gfd.)
Template:hn You've always been my Number 1.
Template:sp Aw, this is sweet.
Template:ev And they say we can't do emotional moments.
Template:gf Aww... you really do care, cousin!
Template:hn You should probably apologize for beating up Dooble, though.
Template:gf Oh, right... nah. I'll just take his hat instead. It's a nice hat.
Template:hn What? Gfd! You can't steal his hat! That thing belongs to him!
Template:gf Oh, yeah? I don't see his name on it.
Template:hn It is, actually. I'm pretty sure there's a tag inside.
Template:gf {pulls out the tag} "Property of Dooble Garbles". Okay, so I guess this does be— GARBLES?!
Template:sr It all makes sense now, Dooble is Gfd's lost relative!
Template:ev Are complicated family trees contagious?
Template:hn I sure hope not.
(Gfd embraces Dooble)
Dooble: Unknown ointment!
(Honstlar is holding Dooble's hat)
Template:hn Dooble Garbles, by the power invested in me, the Supreme Overlord, I hereby officially declare you...
(Honstlar puts the hat back on Dooble)
Template:hn ...An honorary member of the Broternal Order of Different Helmets!
Template:dn Or at least a member of the B-Team. Like me.
DOOBLE: Hooraysche! I can bake a mean potato salad with my eyeballs!
{Dooble winks twice, causing bowls of potato salad to fall from the sky}
Template:hn  Template:gf  Template:ce  Template:sr  Template:ev  Template:sp  Template:dn POTATO SALAD!
{"You Throw Dance Party At Me, I Throw Dance Party At You" plays, and everyone dances and eats potato salad as it falls from the sky. Characters from other Two More Eggs series pop up and start dancing.}
Template:sr Great times!
Template:gf Hooray for Dooble!
DOOBLE: Two doors! {winks}
{Cut to a pan of eggs}
COOK: Extra sauce!
(We fade to the typical group shot.)
[[hsr:{{{1}}}|{{{2}}}]] Hey, Blueguy, nice Skeeter from Doug costume!
Template:gf Thank you, thank you. For my next trick I shall liquify my hat to the tune of "That Song I Wrote That Totally Exists" by ME!
(He inhales.)
Template:hn Don't even think about it!
KOT: I am the yeast of thoughts and mind! And the flour, and the eggs, and the butter.
(The King drools)
Template:sb Aaand he's in a coma again.
Template:hn So, The Cheat, what are you supposed to be, a Beanie Baby?
Homestar: Nice job with the "swapped shirt at the drycleaners", Greg! 
Template:ev (mouth starts moving ala actual Not Stanley) I don't need your accusations around here, I've got a lot of things to do, I've got Jeopardy to watch. (AVG gives thumbs up)
Template:hn You call yourself busy? You hardly wrote anything in the script!
Template:ev Not my fault I don't watch More Ovaries with Bacon or whatever.
Template:dn wait why do the bad guys dress up and why are they with us too?
Template:gd Because we have absolutely nothing else to do.
DOOBLE: Halosche, everybody!
All: Halosche, Dr. Nick!
Template:hs DAAAaaaAAA'm T. Bobby! Got a loafer?
Template:hn Hey, Seron, it's time to play the music.
Template:ev It's time to light the lights.
Template:gf It's time to meet the Muppets...
(Zoom in on the Family Might/Could.)
Family Might/Could: And the mops a turkish flight.
(Zoom back to the rest of the characters)
All: Ahhh!
Template:hn Hey, Gfd... did you, Bubs, and Senor, like, decide on your costumes together? I can't help but notice a few similarities.
Template:gf Uh... well, that's... what's my line?
Template:bb {whispering} No, [person's name], I deny any and all evidence that Bubs, Senor Cardgage, and I decided on our costumes together.
Template:gf No, [person's name], I deny any and all evidence that Bubs, Senor Cardgage, and I decided on our costumes together.
Template:hn Good enough for me.
Template:gf Hey, Sarmex, your costume is very fitting, considering the theme of this episode.
Template:sr Thanks! I simply deducted that we both share an affinity for science and science-related matters. SCIENCE!
[[hsr:{{{1}}}|{{{2}}}]] Hey, Honstlar, I really like your South of the Border Jhonen Vasquez costume.
Template:hn Have a boy.
Template:sb What?
Template:ev So, Erin, which version of that particular character are you? The Legacy version? The remake version? The first movie version? The new movie ver-
Template:ce Okay, that's enough.
Template:ss Life would be funny if it weren't so tragic.
Template:sb Nice one, Dumpohead. Tell us about the black holes again, preferably the one in your stupid gut.
Template:hn ...Am I the only one concerned Dando acquired firearms?
Template:md (in a tone similar to "Hi, Joker") Hi, you crazy kids. (begins muttering words of agony in Vietnamese)
Template:dn Wrong villain of the movie, dipstick.
Template:sb Hey Rabite, nice “Literally just Ryu as a chick because it's not like we already cloned him with Ken” costume. Funny Homestar impersonation huh? Wassat? That's really what you're dressed as?
Rabite: Back off at least I didn't go as a character who's actual name is just Fearless Leader!
Template:sb Harsh, no wonder why you don't get many lines.
Template:bb So, Coach, are you supposed to be a bubblegum Bob Marley or something.
Template:cz (Inhales)
Template:hn I have a bad feeling about this.
Template:cz (Very loudly) Jorby job, jorby job, jorby job, jorby job, jorby job, jorby job, jorby job!
Template:sr Woah, that was loud.
[[hsr:{{{1}}}|{{{2}}}]] I dont wanna grow up Im a Toys R Us kid
(Poopsmith holds up sign saying “Explains a lot about your mental state”)
Template:hn (Singing) Hypercaffium Spazzinate!
Template:sp Lose 50 pounds.
Template:hn Hypercaffium Spazzinate!
Template:sr Get a nice house in the suburbs! 
(The Poopsmith pulls out a sign that says "Bustin' makes me feel good") 
Template:gf Hey, robot guy, Ho, ho, ho!
Template:pr (Singing) Nice try, chump.
Template:gf Hey Dean, I really like your, uh... wait. Hey, um... The Poopsmith? Yeah, you. I like your— your... costume. I like your costume. ...Ah jeez, I can't think of anything to say. Anyone else have any more references to make?
Template:dn Of course no one remembers Calamity Jane.
Template:hn Neither does anyone remember Calamity Tarzan, the talking oil tank that I just made up.
[[hsr:{{{1}}}|{{{2}}}]] Hey, Strong Bad, nice greyscale M. Bison costume.
Template:sb M Bison? Homestar, The chick just said I was Fearless freaking Leader!
Template:ss He said it again-uh!
[[hsr:{{{1}}}|{{{2}}}]] No, he said your real name was Fearless Leader. Wasn’t that his real name in Japan? They had to swap them?
Template:hn No, you're thinking of Vega.
[[hsr:{{{1}}}|{{{2}}}]] Darth Vader was in Street Fighter?!
Template:ev I think you mean "Street Masher". Although, personally, I've always been a fan of "Street Masher 17: Slightly Less Characters and More Detailed Backgrounds: Deluxe Edition 2: New Power-Up Edition: Now One Of The Characters Has A Hat Edition".
Template:hn But both exist-
Template:ev Shut up!
Template:tc (The Cheat noises)
Template:bb No, I am NOT you from the horrific alternate universe where your parents were Black Thought and Henry Hugglemonter
Template:cg Grindolo’s okay. Cracks the top five, maybe top 10 best villains,
Template:gd Hey Poopsmith, cross the streams.
(Strong Mad raises his arms, then slams them down, causing two pillars of fire to appear.)
[[hsr:{{{1}}}|{{{2}}}]] Ooh, nice pyrotechnics.
Template:gd Ill say it again Poopsmith, cross the streams.
THE POOPSMITH: {hops over two streams of water}
Template:gd Not what I had in mind.
Template:sr So, Marzi, what motivated you to dress up as my grandma for Halloween this year?
Template:gf I thought your grandma was SRMXπ.
Template:sr Nah, you're thinking of SRMXΔ.
Template:gf Oh right. My favorite SRMX of all!
Template:sr {glares at Gfd}
Template:gf Aside from you of course.
Template:hn So, Cleansing Geek, why did you dress up as you but with red hair?
Cleanser Geek: No, I'm a chick from the only CN show without a leauge of KOT-loving utter twits praising it.
(Honstlar gives death glare)
Template:ev Nah I agree. Would you rather she be Carmen from Gumball? as fitting as that would be come to think of it
Template:ce so. We done? Any more cheap quotations of our source material?
Template:sp Nah wait. (to Pom Pom) My brother. You alive again? Say something so the conspiracy can end (CG gives frown of dissaproval)
POM POM: {bubbles} {subtitled: You're my brother?}
Template:hn Hey, Arsene, where's the Big Board?
AVG pulls apart the background to reveal it. It starts buzzing until landing on a Whammy:
Template:hn Oh, come on!
(A whammy appears.)
Whammy: I haven't been relevant since 2003!
Template:hn OK, is everyone done now? Do we still need to make jokes about the orange sphere guy 
Template:rb BOY, thank you
Template:hn Or the singlet cube Guy?
Template:sr I think we did everyone.
Template:gd AHEM!
Template:pp Bubbles
Template:cg Did you. Grindolos OK, cracks the top 10 maybe even top 5 villans.
Template:hn Oh, sorry, we just forgot cause your opinion doesn't matter.
Template:gf So, Pom Pom, you're like... Batman. And a ninja. What's up with that?
[[hsr:{{{1}}}|{{{2}}}]] Oh, man, Strong Mad, that is the best Citizen Kane costume I have ever witnessed in my long career!
Template:hn All right, so I think that's everybody.
[[hsr:{{{1}}}|{{{2}}}]] Ooh, I have an original idea, let's repeat the words we just-
(A giant egg falls on Homestar)
Template:ev Would you look at that, an actual egg.
Template:sr Sure, it's not of the Easter variety, but it's still a holiday egg none the less.
(A cursor clicks on the egg)
Template:gf Ooh, so it's an Easter egg both literally and figuratively.
Template:sr Although really it's more of a Halloween egg.
Template:hn Two More Halloween Eggs, Two More Halloween Eggs!
Template:gf Hey, that describes this episode poifectly!
(The cursor clicks on the moon.)
{Cut to Teeg Dougland on the Space Machine}
TEEG DOUGLAND: I'm afraid I've got some bad news, boys... we're on a collision course with a ship from the Strogulon system.
Larry: But we forgot to recharge our shiggity-shiggity-shields!
{Arlington flies in}
ARLINGTON: Did someone say shiggity-shiggity-shields? CG is the best shiggity-shiggity-shield of all!
{Cut to The Space Machine in space. A green CG grid appears around it. The Beef Stroganauts' ship is about to fly into it.}
Stroganaut: My beef, it's full of polygons.
(The two ships collide, causing an explosion of beef stroganoff, but leaving both ships intact.)
Arlington: See? I was riggity-riggity-right!
STROGANAUT: We're the Beef Stroganauts, defenders of beef across the—
{They start getting beamed up by another ship}
STROGANAUT: Whoa! What's going on?
{Pan up to reveal the ship is the Sun Prancer. A theme song starts playing.}
Remember those girls from the Panda Bractice?
Well, they turned the Sun Prancer into a Space Palace!
But they're still Panda Bractice!
GLENNIS: We're still Panda Bractice!
SINGERS: But they're in space!
GLENNIS: But we're in space?
{The logo for Panda Bractice: "but they're in space!" appears}
LUSJELTON: Hey you guys! I— I think we're in space now! That's a cool thing... right?