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Season 1: Episode 3

Everybody, everybody joins the Broternal Order.

Cast (in order of appearance): Honstlar, Gfdgsgxgzgdrc, Coach E, SRMX12, Bubs, Coach Z, Strong Bad, Homestar Runner, EDITED Video Greg

Places: Pillquarters

Date: Tuesday, February 21, 2017 - Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Running Time: 5:27

Transcript[edit | edit source]

{Honstlar walks from offscreen into the basement}

HONSTLAR: So that's what a peace conference tastes like...

{Cut to the rest of the gang who have a shocked look on their faces. Cut back to Honstlar.}

HONSTLAR: Who died?

COACH E: Uhh, Strong Sad?

HONSTLAR: Then why are ya starin' at me? I don't got no soolnds! Plus, if I was dead, I wouldn't have been able to eat that preace conference, go to that Aquabats concert, OR discover a new flavor of wax!

GFDGSGXGZGDRC: Did you eat that entire peace confrence? If not... can I have the rest? Sounds pretty tasty. Like that wax you invented. I still put it in my breakfast cereal every day!

HONSTLAR: I have some leftover Power Rangers if you want. {pulls out plastic bag with tiny versions of Trini, Zack, and Jason from MMPR} All that style out of the way, I call this meeting of the Broternal Order of Different Helmets to order! {slams mallet on table}

{Bubs and Coach Z walk in}

BUBS: {takes the bag} Eaten Power Rangers? I'm gonna make a fortune outta these.

COACH E: Nobody's buying those things, Bubs.

BUBS: Then let's get shreddin'. {shreds the toys}


BUBS: Oh, sorry, Strong Bad!

HONSTLAR: How the crap did you get in here?! I clearly remember only four of us in this cloughb.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {casually walking from the left side of the screen to the right} I always remember there being twenty-teen!

HONSTLAR: {angrily stutters à la Strong Bad}

STRONG BAD: Oh no, not Homestar again.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: C'mon Strong Bad, let's be friends and hug each other.

STRONG BAD: No, go away.

BUBS: Hey, what's going on here?

HONSTLAR: We be havin' a meeting of our secret club of freemasons and freemasonettes.

STRONG BAD: That sounds stupid. Count me in!

HONSTLAR: You can't just barge in and say "I'm in the club now!". You have to go through a life-threatening initiation! I had to wallow through a molten pile of doorknobs to become Supreme Overlord, SRMX12 had to create his own edjakational show, and Coach E had to eat a thousand-year-old sock nine times!

{Cut to Strong Bad}

STRONG BAD: If you let me in, you can have an email show.

HONSTLAR: {pops into frame with big anime eyes} REALLY? Okay your in!

STRONG BAD: {singing} Y-O-U-R... Y-O-U-Apostrophe-R-E... They're as different as night and day. Don't you think that night and day are different? What's wrong with you?

HONSTLAR: I have crippling grammar problems.

EDITED VIDEO GREG: {walks in from offscreen} I exist too.

HONSTLAR: Okay, so we now have an armless guy, a wrestleman, a weird blue-headman, and a Greg straight out of a piece of paper. This officially has become the best day of my life!

EDITED VIDEO GREG: For your information I am not "from a piece of paper". I am the latest anthromorphized figment of that luchador guy's imagination. He has special powers... you remember how many things he's Peter Pan'd into existence? Like that dude Senor Cardgage.... he was just an ideal portrayal of Strong Bad until suddenly, BAM, he existed for comic purposes?

HONSTLAR: Yeahwhatever. Now the time has come for our shanty chant! 1, 2, 3...

ALL: {singing} Ever and more, ever and more, ever and more... singing ever and more, ever and more, ever and more...

HONSTLAR: One more time!


HONSTLAR: Now let's get to misappropriating funds!

EDITED VIDEO GREG: Anyway, my first, but hopefully not last, adventure in fund misappropriation has been donated to try to advance Sister E's resolution to eat the sock a tenth time. I am currently funding a program for the KOT's men to do this to the sock. {holds up a phone and plays a video of someone grilling a sock}

{Cut to Honstlar}

HONSTLAR: Very intriguing... So, next on the agenda, "Crazy Storytime"! I was walking home after picking up some Blubb-O's when I ran into Senor Cardgage who suddenly said "CoMe oN iN HeRe" then I got the Super Jibblies which then lead me to Coach Z's lacker room and that alien from the Yello Dello screamed at me and I did not have the Jibblies anymore but then he forced me into a conversation about mini golf sending both of us to Sweet Puttin' Cakes but he willed himself out but before I could, he kicked me twords the 18th hole and I got stuck but WQcy6c3.png came along and said "evetS 'hE" and I popped back into reality and went back to my giant bagel home (yes, it was always a giant bagel) to eat my Thick N' Nasty. Now let's hear a crazy story like mine from, saaay... Gfd!

{Cut to Gfd}

GFDGSGXGZGDRC: Once a time, Videlectrix Three ate Homsar's hat, so he swam to the Sweet Sweet Rainbow Bridge to do jumping jacks for an hour. But he didn't. Sharpdene shouted "Ka-blooj!", which startled Greg #9. He kicked Tucker Donaldson who turned into a corndog. He did a dance and exclaimed "TwO TiMEs!". Dullard's coworker and the robot from Marshmallow's Last Stand heard it and were terrified of Trogdor, so they went to The Show. Homestar screamed at them, and Greg #9 came back and kicked him, causing him to transform into a box full of Polymascotfoamalate, and he sang three songs and blew up. Everyone was backwards until someone said "YOUR HEAD A SPLODE", which was not Dan. Suddenly, at 3:02 in the afternoon, Mancuso's Older Brother broke Powered by The Cheat Fudgeclank's rap song video by pointing a fisheye lens at a real fish eye. Strong Bad transformed into his older style and said "Competition!" and he realized he was in Trauncles for nine years or so. Stevens was actually Nebulon's great-good grandcousin, and he went underground to find the musical submarine. He found fifty of them, but none of them belonged to angry Shark-Tooth Bubs. This made him disappointed, so he went home to watch a meatball. The meatball had eleven dollars and about onety-twice cents. Stevens was punished so he never played his flute. That made it sad, and it decided that it didn't steal all the beans. Stiny was himself all along. A burger flew by and everything was terrible, but not too much. The End.

HONSTLAR: Good story! Now let's hear frooom... SRMX12!

{Cut to SRMX12's spot, which is empty}

HONSTLAR: Earth to Brother SRMX12! Where is he?

{Cut to a screen reading "TO BE CONTINUED"}

Fun Facts[edit | edit source]

Inside References[edit | edit source]

  • There are several instances of eating non-food items, such as Honstlar eating a peace conference, Gfd putting wax in his breakfast cereal, and Coach E eating a sock nine times.
  • Coach E mentions Strong Sad being dead.
  • Honstlar points out his lack of soolnds.
  • Honstlar says "All that style out of the way...".
  • The scene with various people walking in on the meeting is similar to secret identity, complete with stuttering.
  • Honstlar pronounces club as cloughb.
  • Strong Bad sings the song from "Strong Bad's Rhythm N' Grammar" from local news.
  • Honstlar calls Homestar an armless guy.
  • The shanty chant is from Ever and More!, as well as misappropriating funds.

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