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Strong Sad: Greetings and welcome to Review Revue! I'm Strong Sad and I require an entire bottle of depressant pills to stay alive. First up on the chopping block: Win, Lose or Embarrass Yourself On National Television. And in keeping with tradition, I will show you an entire episode before my score to tick 45% of you off!
{Cut to a Double Dare-type game show set.}
Poopsmith: Live from a random warehouse in Free Country, USA, It's Win, Lose or Embarrass Yourself On National Television! Wait, I broke my vow of silence again for this-I mean and now your host, Honstlar Waddler!
{Applause is heard while Honstlar walks on set.}
Honstlar: Thanks, Poopy!
Poopsmith: I thought we agreed you would quit calling me that!
Honstlar: Tell that to the network, they love it! Anyways, let's meet our contestants! From a random bush not too far from the studio, Senor Cardgage!
Senor Cardgage: Hot pooey.
Honstlar: Next, from the moon, The Cleansing Geek!
TCG: Whatever.
Honstlar: And finally, from parts unknown, Strong Bad!
{Applause is heard again.}
Strong Bad: What can I say, the crowd loves me!
Honstlar: Okay, here's how the game works! You will have to answer as many questions as possible. if you get a question right, you get money! If you get it wrong, you lose money! And after all the questions in a round, you all have to do an embarrassing physical challenge! If you win the challenge, you get more money! Whoever has the most money by the end of all 5 rounds, not only gets to keep all the money they have won, but also take home this fabulous prize!
Poopsmith: A Videlectrix Swap with 500 GB of memory, the Super Duper Controller, an extra set of Genie-Cons, and a copy of Stinkoman Kenoverse!
Honstlar: Are you ready?
Strong Bad: Yes!
TCG: Maybe.
Senor Cardgage: Defiantly, Hanna Banana.
Honstlar: Then let's get started! The first question goes a little something like this. According to a recent study, how many potatoes does Blubb-O's use to make a years supply of Nudules?
Strong Bad: 100!
Honstlar: Correct! Second question, what does the ting go?
Senor Cardgage: Giney shiny!
Honstlar: Correct! How many lightbulbs does it take to screw in a [Insert dumb thing here]?
TCG: None.
Honstlar: Correct!
TCG: Which one of us will win?
Honstlar: OH COME ON this cliche again? When someone professes they'll win? That ALWAYS leads to the plot twist nobody did! Is that phfragtling Total Drama? DONT JINX IT!!
TCG: Hey everybody I have something to tell you all out of nowhere. I never existed. I am merely a figment of Pretender’s imagination. His evil plan about me was to make you all like me so it would be the ultimate blow when I turned out to never have existed, but unfortunately, I could only sustain on his emotions for you, none of which were positive. Oh well. See you all in hell. (disappears)
Honstlar: OK... So that's the end of Round 1! Strong Bad has 100 points, Cardgage has 100 points, and TCG has ceased to be and therefore her earnings are split 50/50!
Strong Bad: It has always been a-my dream to be tied with Cardgage in a weird game show!
Honstlar: And now the first physical challenge, "Run Into A Brick Wall While In A Metal Hamster Ball In Order To Break It And Get 500 Dolla Points!"
{That happens.}
Honstlar: Ready for round 2?
Strong Bad: Yeah!
Cardgage: Meh.
{Cut to Strong Sad.}
Strong Sad: Nevermind. That show is too weird to show in its entirety. 
{A banner that says "That game show will be continued on the next episode of The Broternal Order of Different Helmets." scrolls from right to left.}
Strong Sad: So with an illogical rule set and a somewhat long running time, This Double Dare doppelganger misses the mark. Next Up: Some Type of TV Show!
{Cut to said show where the theme song is playing.}
Singers: Boy the way the milkman told you life was gonna be even harder to find! Standing tall for the good and the bad while I thank you for being a bunny! I'm gonna make it after this boy meets Ferris Beuller!
{Music ends as we fade into an exterior shot of Tranquillity LLC. Also, TCG materializes because reasons.}
TCG: My spirit resides within this show now.
Office Worker: GHOST!!!
{The cubicle dweller starts chasing after The Cleansing Geek with his keyboard.}
The Boss: It's happening again.
{Canned laughter}
Office Worker: It's funny cause life sucks!
(laugh track eviscerates the building)
Kramond: What was that?
Spoonfield: Just a reference that won't make sense for a while.
{Cut to the UPS apartment coffee shop.}
Steve Urkel: Hi, everybody!
{Applause is heard.}
Jojo: {In his Popeye voice} Blow me down, Urkel's home! Ag-ga-ga-ga-ga!
{Canned laughter.}
ALFredo: Why does he get all the attention? I'm a freaking alien and the nerd gets more time in the spotlight!
Shelman: Don't worry, feline feaster, I'm here for you.
ALFredo: Really?
Shelman: Nope. Bazinga!
{Canned laughter.}
Spoonfield: What's this about spotlights?
Jojo: Spoonfield, Kramond, what are you doing here?
Kramond: We live here, dingus!
ALFredo: What did you do today?
Spoonfield: The usual.
ALFredo: Exploding fall preview?
Kramond and Spoonfield: Exploding fall preview.
{Cut to EVG and Dean watching this from Dean's pad.}
EVG: Wait. If everyone is supposed to be a fusion/expy of a bunch of sitcom characters, how come Urkel is there unchanged?
Dean: Because Urkel is so pure, he can never be ripped off.
EVG: What about Yurkel from Pinky and the Brain?
Dean: That was animated, it doesn't count.
{A short amount of silence.}
Dean: This is a really weird moment.
EVG: What do you expect? This is our only appearance in this episode so far.
{Cut back to the sitcom.}
The Monkey: Ooh-ooh, Aah-aah!
Balkoss: Where are you, The Monkey?
The Monkey: Eeepah!
Template:ev OK I'm lost what are all these referencing
Dean: The world may never know...
{Cut back to the sitcom.}
Bopeep Pegasus Person: hey
Kramond: Who let him in again?
Spoonfield: It was me. Sorry!
Bopeep: So, what's shaking?
ALFredo: California?
{Canned laughter.}
Template:ev well that’s just tasteless humor right there. Is it any wonder BoPeep grew up to be a drunken sad sack of crap when his work was so mediocre?
(Pull Out revealing Review Revue is being filmed in Deans ladycave with that backdrop being a cheap green screen which is there for some unfathomable reason)
Strong Sad: Can you pipe down I have a show to film.
Dean: Well Michalen Muck haven’t you ever heard of Straight Outta the Cave’s Microwave? Only the most influential and also only review podcast ever?
Honstlar is there too for some reason
(Back to the show which has bizzarely become a late night show)
Steve Polar Bear: Hey everybody...KOT is incompitent and needs to go.
Steve Polar Bear: This is a real clip of KOT
KOT: I eat whatsit with a shovel
(A Sacha Baren Coen esque character playing performance artist who I can’t think of a funny name for suddenly appears)
EVG: Sad my buddy it seems your fat rear somehow changed the channel to Some Type of Reality Show, namely an episode from the era after Show on Public Broadcasting Hosted by that British Guy merged with it and said British Guy Jimmy OliveGreen became co host. That’s for later remember? When we hit the watershed and get politicoco?
Strong Sad: Ah yes. And now our feature presentation!
(Back to the show, wherein The Prime Minister of The Drawn Image is about to present his cartoon)
PMoTDI: Make the animation start!
(Today’s cartoon: an episode of Prick and Les T.)
Les: Geez Louise Prick are we really allowed to say your name on a Kids show?
Prick: It’s (burp) a (burp) ref(burp)er(burp)en(burp)ce (burp) to (burp) cac(burp)tis(burp)es les (burp) T (fart)
{Cut back to Dean's house}
Template:gf What is this mess?! What is going on here?
Template:hn Hey, who let you in?
Template:ev Hey, who let you in?
{Cut back to Popular Reality Show on Public Broadcasting Hosted by that British Guy, or whatever show is playing right now}
(The episode of Prick and Les T. has ended and the Pom Pictures logo plays. This is followed by ‘Fit as a Fiddle Productions’ which in its entirety consists of The Cleanser Geek saying “I’ll kick your tweez”)
Prime Minister of the Moving Image: Hey what’s that all about? Those logos don’t go at the end of Prick and Les T!
EVG: Wow a surrogate for myself! And wait did that last one even exis-
(Abrupt cut back to Fit as a Fiddle Productions as it zooms in on Cleansers face)
TCG: NOT EVEN NOT EXISTING CAN STOP MY EXISTANCE. From now on, all jokes of the BODH must be putting logos were they don’t belong! I mean, isn’t the pinaccle of all wit if your fruity dean was made by-)
Strong Sad: Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit huffing-(Strong Sad turns into logo for Drippy Brothers Studios)
{Homsar wanders in, with an edited Faceless Megacorp logo in place of his head}
HOMSAR: AaAaAaAaAah left my gumption in the font suitcase...
Honstlar: Stop forcing us to change our humor!
{Honstlar summons a black dog.}
Honstlar: Attack, Ubu, attack!
{Ubu travels into the TV and starts beating up TCG.}
Honstlar: Good dog.
TCG: Fine you win, but heed my words, I WILL RETURN!!!
{The Fit as a Fiddle Productions logo finally stops and The Expy Of The King of Cartoons With The Overly Complicated Name is dazed.}
Prime Minister of the Moving Image: What just happened?!?
(several hours have passed since the production on Review Revue has wrapped. Strong Sad has left and Greg and Dean have not moved an inch since the show has wrapped up, having spent the entire time, intrigued by the possibility of Fit as a Fiddle Productions being real, looking through Dean's VHS tapes some more)
EVG: AW YEAH we found PUBOTL productions! And some UsPipe Manure sounds I've been jonesing to know the sources of!
Dean: Yes..I do suppose all these logos are nice... but ever since I was a mere valedictorian, one VHS has alluded me. I aimed to wander for it but was too busy too. But now that I have a friend, we're gonna find it...the first tape ever rented from Bubstastic Entertainment.
EVG: how are we doing that
STRONG SAD: Isn't this script supposed to be about my show?
DEAN: Hey, what are you still doing here?
EVG: Have you not heard of a "subplot"? For a TV critic you sure don't know your TV terminology...
Dean: we gotta find the first..and only...Bubstastic Entertainment store
EVG: isnt it Bubs Concession Stand
(they go there)
BUBS: Hey there, everypeoples! Weclome to Bubs' Concession Stand! We're havin' a -21% off sale on all "legal", in several quotes, items!
DEAN: Say, that's a pretty good deal!
Template:ev only if you add in telling us what was the first movie rented from Bubstastic Entertainment
Dean: and give us the logos that were on it
Template:ev Yeah all I could find Googling it was that the last film rented was SB's water-on-the-knee comedy "Freaking Burn Bubstastic Entertainment"
BUBS: Well, lucky for you, this is Bubstastic Entertainment! And Bubsmoeba Rekkids! And Bubs' Ha-Ha-Halloween Comedy Club! And Bubs' Motor Lodge! And Luscious Wavẽiñgs! And an assortment of other things I don't care to mention!
DEAN: Yeah, we kind of pointed that out earlier.
BUBS: Hey, you're a real sharp dean! What are you, related to Sharpdene?
SHARPDENE: Sharpdene ain't related to nobody, Mr. Bubsm'n! 'Cause my name Sharpdene.
Dean: So how about that first tape?
Bubs: ...well...the issue is...I don’t keep track of my sales. It’s nessecary to keep up good l gal standings. (Quickly to himself whispering) deny deny deny... But however, I do know it’s Coach Z who was my first customer, and indeed my third-to-last. I think he still uses that tape whatever it was as a luffa. 

EVG: (walking away to go to the locker room) You know when we’re done with this let’s try and find “OG Readmore’s Let Me Off at the Top”. I mean, a cat who never shuts his gob demanding you to read as Will Ferrell! It’s like both parts of my dad put together!
Bubs: HOLD IT, child-os. You two are gonna perform a favor for me in exchange for leaking information! Bubstastic Entertainment I’m trying to keep in the past! Strong Bad didn’t make that whole mockumentery about it for naught!EVG: shame really that's my favorite movie. I love the part where he craps on what he claims to be your fake head but is-
Dean: OK whats the favor
BUBS: You must trek through the dangerous jungles, ominous deserts, delicious desserts, and snow-having mountains to find and recover the last piece of the Shattered Shard, to restore peace to the word and destroy Trogdor once and for all!
Template:ev Oh. What? That sounds difficult.
BUBS: Nah, I'm just kiddin'. The favor is...
Bubs: help me film my first ever commercial in honor of my new personal food truck/Bubsnamingstuffafterhimselfagainthenarcasstic online streaming provider!
Dean: Alright! I mean, that joke was a bit too harsh. You do know you can't kill Trogdor, right?
Template:ev What logo are you using on your streaming originals?
Bubs: Oh I couldn't think of anything. Just gonna rip something from the commercial
Template:ev ...which doesn't exist. What the what. 
Bubs: It worked for Parker & Stone
Template:ev Yes but don't you wanna seem a tad more budget than a show that literally is made from scratch?
Bubs: OK well I did have something else in mind, using a tactic that shall bring Bubstastic Entertainment into the new revival and free of negitive PR from the irate Strong Critics-like day and age. I'll be the most honest studio and just have a logo: "You brought our movie, screw if you liked it or not, now you owe me personally".
Dean: You don't even wanna state the company name?
Bubs: Worked for Whatsit All About.
Template:ev what a novel commercial. Comparing to the quality of literally leaving the camera running. Say, how do you aim to make this a food truck?
Bubs: I danno. You ever seen them move? Do they even look like a truck. Ah golly, I think I completed one half of the favor! Now we've got an infomercial to make!
DEAN: Well, this'll be swell.
Template:ev Wait a minute minute! {pronounced "my-nyoot" (as in small) the first time, and "min-it" (as in time) the second time}
DEAN: What?
Template:ev I know just what we need.
{Cut to Gfd wearing a black suit, a beret, and small round sunglasses just below his eyes, which are half open. He's sitting in one of those fold-'em-up director's chairs, with a megaphone attatched to it. EDITED Video Greg and Dean are standing in front of him.}
Template:gf{in a sophisticated accent} Say you what now?
Dean: hey GFD nice Doug's hipster sister costu-
{Cut to a recording studio}
Template:gf{speaking in sophisticated accent throughout} So, you three want me to direct an infomercial for a food truck online streaming provider, this is correct?
Template:ev Well, I admit you weren't our first option, but we noticed you sitting over there dressed as a director, so I figured we'd save ourselves some time.
DEAN: Are we ready to record?
BUBS: Yep!
Template:gf Cameram'n, if'n you please.
{Homsar (upside down at the top of the screen) turns on the camera}
BUBS: Hey there, everypeoples! My name Bubs! I'm here to talk to you about my new personal food truck slash online streaming—
Template:gf{through the megaphone} Cut!
BUBS: What's wrong?
Template:ev Jeez, that's kinda harsh.
Template:gf What I mean is, if you tell people about your own product, they may not believe you. You could very well have exaggerated things to make it look better and make more money.
DEAN: So who should star in our commercial?
Template:gf Luckily, fellow chaps, I have managed to locate the perfect actor.
{Senor Cardgage stumbles on set}
SENOR CARDGAGE: I'm ready for my closeout, metal detector.
Template:evHim?? Well... all right, here's the script, Mr. Senor.
Template:gf That's another problem, Glen—
Template:gf —if a script is used, it'll be nothing more than an actor fakely reading his lines. We need authenticity! We need him to recount his actual experiences with this product!
BUBS: Well, the product's not out yet.
Template:gf You know what I mean.
BUBS: No, I don't.
Template:gf You know what I mean "you know what I mean".
BUBS: I guess so?
Template:ev But Mr. Garbles! This script has everything! Action! Comedy! Car chases! Secret experiments! Free lunch! Nine times!
Template:gf Nothing to worry. Mr. Gage is a natural.
SENOR CARDGAGE: I can squabble the floors, if you page me in advence.
Template:ev : OK but Cardgage sir we are using a camera not an air freshner
Dean: so what does Bubsfoodandvideo or whatever provide maybe have Cardgage watch a bit beforehand to satisfy our majesty with the other name I have forgotten too. As well.
Bubs: oh we stock VI Warshawski, Deep Impact, Mommy Fights, Punpkinshead 2 through 4...all the Bubsmfortastic Clbubsmicbs
EVG: aw yeah I get to riff with Cardgage!
Template:ev Okay, Mr. Card, what do you want to watch?
SENOR CARDGAGE: Perchance you have any stamps?
{Cut to EDITED Video Greg}
Template:ev Uh, yeah, I have a few. {hands Senor Cardgage a page with stamps on it}
{Cut to wide shot, revealing Senor Cardgage's torso is now covered in stamps}
SENOR CARDGAGE: Get groovy on it, Matilda! I'm the king of the apricots!
Template:ev{covering his eyes} I regret everything.
EVG: er how bout that cartoon that made fun of us
(Cardgage and Greg are in Dean's bachlorette cave/pad/whatever it is watching "Dandos Very Oqn Quite Popular Action Figure Show")
Cardgage: I dun lake this share Gregoretta
{Cut to the show}
MR. DANDO: Hey, you crazy kids!
MR. DANDO: Are you ready to watch me play with action figures?
MR. DANDO:{holds up an action figure} This one is named "Duck"! Because it's a duck! Now, it's going to fight {holds up another action figure} Robot Guy! {He hits the two action figures with each other}
{Cut to Greg and Senor Cardgage. Greg has a horrified/confused expression on his face.}
SENOR CARDGAGE: This mangic box is showing the world what it's all ablaut!
DEAN: You sure this is the right show?
Template:ev I think there was some sort of alternate title that proved it. yeah it was called Robot D-hey where'd you come from.
DEAN: I used the door.
{Pan left to a door}
DEAN: This is my house, after all.
Template:ev Wait it was? I always thought it was a subsection of Pom Poms basement
DEAN: I, uh, bought the house?
Template:ev That is a satisfying explanation!
Template:gf Hey Greggy, did you just say Robot Darren? That's my favorite show!
{Robot Darren enters}
ROBOT DARREN: Syntax error.
Template:ev Did he just call me a syntax error?
Template:gf I'll handle this! {jumps over Robot Darren}
Template:ev You jumped it. Didn't seem to help much.
SENOR CARDGAGE: Ribcage collectibles...
Homsar: Mall-order Slingshots!
DRIVE-THRU WHALE: Grody, grody coupons.
Strong Mad: I DO NOT KNOW DA WA-
Dean: OK THATS IT we have a movie...or were we doing again?
EVG: I don't remember. Wanna go see Pokemon Movie 26?
Dean: Sure.
{Greg and Dean walk off.}
{The Drive-Thru Whale's speaker plays a combination of static, tounge clicks, and Bruce Willis quotes.}
Drive-Thru Whale: Yippie-kai-yay, Mr. Falcon!
GFD: great now we've got no crew to make the commercial.
Bubs: ah well wanna whip something up in five minutes?
GFD: ok dokay lokay
Template:gf Okay, let's do this real quick-like. {holds up a camera}
{Cut to Bubs from the camera's view}
BUBS: Hey! You guys! Um, buy Bubs-whatever-commercial, coming this summer! It's like, a food truck, and online streamin' service! Both! Combined into one somehow! I'm not sure how it'll be combined exactly, or what it's even called, but hey! Buy this! It might could be cool and great!
Template:gf{offscreen; quickly} This commerciable has been filmed by the Unpronounceable Name Association of Free Country, USA. 89% of the profits from this product go to UNAFCUSA president Gfd.
BUBS: I never agreed to tha—
GFD:{offscreen} Aaand that's a wrap, folks!
{Bubs punches the camera. Static cut to Review Revue.}
STRONG SAD: Returning to the original plot of this script... who could ever make a commercial so terrible?
(Meanwhile, Greg and Dean have returned from the movie and are walking towards Bubs Concesh)
EVG: but the worst episode has to be Dawn-era, when she became a princess I mean-
Dean: ok so can I haz tape?
EVG: wait didn’t he just say Coach Z owns it? We knew where it was THIS WHOLE TOME? WE FILMED THAT STUPID COMMERCIAL FOR NOTHING!
Dean: but we didn’t-
EVG: come on, to the locker room.
(They arrive at the locker room where Coach Z is napping on the tape. Greg removes it and replaces it with a blank tape, Indiana Jones style)
EVG: and it is...
Template:ev GASP!!
(cut back to Review Revue)
Strong Sad: oh how nice. A fake out reveal? This was funny THE SEVENTH TIME I saw it in a Little Golden Book. Cut back to the show.
(Note: the previous sequence did not skip over any of EVGs reaction)
EVG: The holy grail of all rare logos, only seen on one obscure 80s release which I hold in my lines for bends, mother of trees, it’s...
Strong Sad: With a confusing story and an unhealthy obsession with company logos, the latest script from the BODH misses the mark.
{Cut to the tape}
Template:ev Deep Impact?!
{The DELETED buzzer is heard as the screen turns blue, with pixelated text reading "JUST KIDDING!"}
{Cut to the tape again, covered in dust. Greg's hand brushes off the dust to reveal... "BUBS' CHARACTER VIDERO '98".}
Template:ev Bubs' Character Video?
DEAN: How frustratingly anticlimactic.
Template:evWe did all that for a character video?
DEAN: I mean, it kinda makes sense that it would be the first tape bought from his company, since...
Template:ev Wait.
DEAN: For what?
Template:ev For... just... wait a minute.
DEAN: Mmkay.
Template:ev This says 1998. Bubs didn't come to Free Country, USA until 1999.
DEAN: Maybe Strong Bad was in charge of writing the year.
Template:ev Or maybe... this means... {brushes off the last bit of dust from the top, revealing the word "ORIGINAL"}
Template:ev We found it! This tape is legendary!! It's been searched for ever since he went missing. People have traveled the country to find it. And Coach Z had it all along!
DEAN: I thought Strong Bad made him up.
SENOR CARDGAGE: He most dentally did mank it up, Egregious and Deanula.
STINKOMAN: Hey, grody old man! Might I convince you into a slight challenge?
EH! STEVE!: Eh! Etc.
DEAN: Um 'kay. Now I see how that isn't a problem.
Template:ev Let's watch it and find out where he really is!
(as Dean and Greg go off, Honstlar has broken into the Review Revue studio)
Template:hn too much corporate logos? Aww that's rich from the guy who devoted the entire first day of his show to nothing but PIZZA! At least logos are
Strong Sad: I'm glad you take this issue personally. You see, I have conducted what the BODH will eventually turn into if it keeps relying on this kind of humor:
(he pulls out a tablet and plays a video that starts off as 10 minutes worth of random logos. When it is finally, FINALLY done, the cheaply made title card for "IVADER YELLOWISH" appears. we cut to bad MS Paint versions of the BODH plus Rabite, who we introduced offscreen)
Rabite: Background: Spiffy Pictures is a Chicago-based production company founded by brothers David and Adam Rudman, both of whom (specifically the former) are known for their work on Sesame Street. The company centers around producing shows for preschoolers and are known for their puppetry work.
Template:ev : Over a static purple background, a black ink stain on a blue background with a liquid effect appears by splattering all over the screen. A hand passes by and drops magazine clippings of eyes and a mouth in yellow-orange bars onto the liquid background (the eyes seem to wiggle like Jell-O) to make a face. The face then says the company-
(back to reality)
Template:hn : OK I GET IT.
SS: Good.
Template:hn : We'll stop under two conditions. One, you finally give "Email thunder" a rating. It's been ten years, dude.
SS: that I know what I know about it...*speaking as if having taken Sanka) it was a pointless addition and obviously a half-affed means of providing a 200th sbemail at an aready dismal abysmal perioid where Strong Bad obviously wanted to quit. Not only that, it also took the idea of Hremails, a novel one, and did jack diddly squat with it other than to provide the unfunny punchline to the already horrid hremail #3184. This misses the mark and ends up in flonding China!
((a mark with a devil squintmoji appears with that whole last sentence, accompined with an ear shatterly loud multi-tone car alarm that goes on for 10 seconds cycling through the first three tones)
Template:hn : dang.
Strong Sad: bet you wish I went back to pizza didn't you?
Template:hn : Alrighty, SECOND. we both have to review the same logo as a means of showing logos aint just all French dogs and magazine cutouts. And I have picked...the Betaflop-D logo.
Strong Sad: All right, time to get cursed a second time! But..all the adapters)
Template:hn : relax. EVERY logo is on YouTube
(He pulls it up, Strong Sad and Honstlar huddle around the phone...and the following sequence that is the Betaflop-D logo is not for the faint of heart or butt:)
(next part someone else will write: description of it)
Phone: Good thing this is only a game. Virusbubsters, out now for the Videlectrix Swap.
Strong Sad: Viral marketing is getting too extreme. What happened to just showing up and scaring the crap out of people before you say you're advertising a horror movie.
(we cut back to Greg and Dean on their journey)
Template:ev We just need to insert the tape into this Betaflop-D VHS-type thing... {puts in the tape}
{The Family Might/Could appears on TV}
SENOR CARDGAGE:{high-pitched voice} Spork it around, stench-bag!
Template:ev Ugh. Viral marketing for Virusbubsters.
DEAN: Did he just call you stench-bag? Hey, I'll tell you something, you—
{Dean's mouth grows a giant tooth. A cat face appears on the tooth and it meows. Wings sprout out of the sides of the tooth and it flies away.}
Template:ev Jeez, all these holographic CGI effects. What ever happened to just showing a commercial without having your face hideously deformed?
{Original Bubs's character video starts playing.}
(to Dean and Greg’s surprise it begins with the Stinkoman K 20X6 intro)
Template:ev he was AN ANIME CHARACTER
Dean: well duh look at him. We never saw 20X6 Bubs did we?
Original Bubs: {Something in Japanese}
EVG: Aaaaaaaand they never dubbed his character video.
Dean: yet they dubbed the Virusbubsters commercial?
EVG: Well, technically no. The viral marketing is actually viral.
EVG: there's only one man we can call for dire times like these. (pulls out book and begins drawing a familiar fellow...)
EVG: Can you translate this crap?
Honstlar: {offscreen} Oh boy, we got Ray-Q in the house!
Rayquaza: RAYQUAZA!
JCG: what about me
EVG: uhh...translate the thing I guess
Rayquaza: What about me?
Dean: You just go do a thing somewhere.
Rayquaza: OK, RAYQUAZA!
{Rayquaza flies off.}
JCG: Let's see here...
French Narrator: One Long Translation Process Later...
JCG: Here's what I got so far.
{JCG hands EVG a notebook filled with the translated text.}
Template:ev{reading the notebook} 'S mostly a recipe for egg salad. This doesn't seem very— Ooh wait, but there's something important here.
EVG: “Just summon Original Bubs with your Scribblenauts doohickey, dingus.”. Jeez Greg don’t be so condescending.
Dean: You don’t acactually know Japanese do you?
(JCG summons Rayquaza and hops on to him.)
JCG: Onwards. mighty wyvern!
Rayquaza: RAYQUAZA!
(The two fly off.)
Dean: Did he just call me a mushroom?
EVG: Yes, yes he did.
EVG: alrighty...(draws Original Bubs...who is in TGS style like everything he draws)
{Original Bubs appears from the notebook in his normal Flash style for some reason.}
Original Bubs: Howdy, people I've only just met. I can see you from here!
Template:ev{takes a step back} What about now?
ORIGINAL BUBS: I can still see you from here!
Template:ev Amazing. Just amazing.
Dean: So, OGB, now that you're back/real, what are you going to do now?
Original Bubs: Hmmmmm...
{Cut to a shot of Original Bubs and the real Bubs looking at a giant mall with a sign that says "Bubs Brothers MegaMall".}
Bubs: Well partner, you may claim to be the first, but you sure aren't the worst. Hey, that rhymed!
Original Bubs: Other Original Bubs, I think this is the beginning of an amazing partnership.
{Cut to a shot of Honstlar.}
Honstlar: And that's how Bubs 1 and Bubs 2 created Free Country's first mall! It will close down in the year 7259 after 5,241 years of service. And now back to the A-Plot!
(We cut back to Strong Sad and Honstlar at each other's throats due to the altercations)
Honstlar: Wait, are we live?
SS: Heh, heh... Sorry about that, join me next time on Review Revue when I dedicate an entire episode to the abysmal Thnikkaman film series.
{Honstlar and Strong Sad proceed to beat each other up as we get a classic cartoon iris wipe set to the tune of "Shave and a Haircut"}