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This is a list of ideas for future Broternal Order of Different Helmets episodes. Feel free to add any.

High Priority[edit | edit source]

These ones are next after the current scripts.

Title Description Details
The Invading Order of DOOMED Helmets An Invader Zim crossover. It starts with the BODH talking about cult classic cartoons like "Conqueror Zork". Then they accidentally warp to another universe where they are stalked by paranormal "expert" Dib, who captures Honstlar and Homestar, leaving the rest of the Order without a leader or a way to escape. Also, Gfd finds a talking dog.
Dimensional Hackers The BODH transcends reality to find the extradimensional aliens who helped Turchkid03 hack the universe. The universe is made of energy from "Refradda", the "host" of the universe (or something along those lines). When weird things start happening, they figure out that extradimensional beings from a higher plane of existence have hacked into the Refradda (with help from Turchkid03, in exchange for seasoned corn chips). After they figure it out, the bad guys lock the BODH out of the universe and cast into a dark void of nothingness. They somehow manage to get to the other dimension to find the hyperintelligent hackers, confronting them and saving the day.
Waffle Surprise Sume and Stom attempt to make surprise waffles for the other members. They keep getting interrupted as Gfd and Honstlar become detectives to figure out what the two are doing.
Untitled The BODH goes on a time travel adventure when Grindolo tries to stop the BODH from meeting. Grindolo uses the time machine he stole in The Broternal Traitor, and successfully stops the BODH from meeting. Upon returning to the present, he finds the world in chaos, since the BODH have saved the world so many times. So he has to go back in time again and fight himself to stop himself from stopping the BODH from meeting. Maybe at some point the BODH can meet their future selves (or that can be a different episode).
Groundhog Doomsday(?) The BODH find themselves stuck in a time loop with Grindolo, as he repeatedly destroys the Earth. Grindolo sends a meteor to destroy Earth... and he succeeds. However, the BODH escape and build a device that can revert time a few hours. So they revert time and attempt to stop the meteor. Every time they fail, they go back and try a different method. Eventually, they succeed, but Grindolo gets his hands on one of the time-reverting devices, and reverts time to before his failure. Each time Grindolo wins, the BODH revert time. Each time the BODH win, Grindolo reverts time. Both sides learn from their mistakes until eventually the BODH stop the meteor and the time loop somehow.
Dange6esque: Intergalactic Smackdown Dangeresque and Space Captainface team up to stop Dangeresque Grindolo and his cosmic army. Dangeresque Grindolo commands his minions and an army of all criminal masterminds in the known galaxy (unbeknownst to said masterminds).
The Broternal Order of Different Universes The BODH teams up with the Party of Quite a Few Outfits to return to their own universe. An alternate universe BODH shows up to help enhance the alternate universe portal. It is now capable of sending the BODH to infinite universes, and not just old-timey, 20X6, etc. They travel across the multiverse, and eventually get trapped in a parallel universe that's similar to their own. In this universe, Honstlar never started the BODH. In its place is the Party of Quite a Few Outfits, who teams up with the BODH to help them get home. Maybe Grindolo (in the regular universe) can teleport to the other universe and team up with the PQaFO's antagonist. Meanwhile, Gfd assembles an army of Gfds from different universes.
A Decemberween Carol A Christmas Carol, but with a fourth-wall-breaking Mr. Dando as Scrooge. Mr. Dando keeps wondering why he's in the past, and why everyone keeps calling him Scrooge, and why this narrator keeps telling him what to do. He complains and makes sarcastic remarks throughout the story. He doesn't learn his lesson at the end like Scrooge does, despite the narrator (probably Gfd) insisting that he does, and the characters reacting as such.
The Wrath of Tappatok 2: Electric Tappaloo The original creators of Tappatok return to enslave the universe without technology. The gang's spelunking adventure is interrupted when SRMX12's laptop picks up an odd energy signature. They go deep underground and find the mysterious temple of the Order of Tapa'atokh, a mysterious cult of creepos who created Tappatok thousands of years ago. Since the Cleanser Geek stole their technology, they are trying and failing to recreate it. They are confronted by the BODH, and forced to begin their plan earlier than expected. Without the advanced technology they used before, the Tappatoks swiftly take control of the universe and enslave the populace. It's up to the BODH to rebel against this oppressive force and its ancient leader, Tappatok Supreme, to regain freedom, before they recreate the technology needed and take over reality forever.
The Rejection Election An election is held to see which rejected character should be brought back. Start with a scene of the rejected characters living out their lives in the eternal void beyond existence (or maybe just a desert somewhere). Suddenly, they are brought back by Homestar for a special episode of The Show. The panel of judges (the BODH) will choose who gets to stay, and the decision is based on how well they succeed on The Show, with interviews, game show games, and more. But is it possible to rig the election and bring them all back to Free Country, USA? Yeah, probably.
The Cloned Order of Cloned Clones One of those sci-fi conspiracy thrillers where the protagonists find out they've been clones all along. You know, that sort of thing. After a particularly devastating battle with Grindolo, the BODH finds themselves back at their HQ, safe and sound, with no memory of what just happened. One day, they find clones who remember everything, and have apparently been buried under a landslide for the past few days. It turns out Grindolo thought he killed the BODH, so he cloned a new BODH so he'd have someone to fight. Unbeknownst to him, the original BODH survived, and now the two BODHs must coexist.
Helmet Quest A rewrite to make it better before we animate it.

Low Priority[edit | edit source]

We'll use these ones if we run out of ideas. They don't even necessarily have to be full episodes, just parts of other episodes.

They go to Sweet Puttin' Cakes.
They check emails.
They get stuck inside Teen Girl Squad.
They have a flashback clip show that soon delves into toons they weren't in and toons that don't even exist (similar to personal favorites).
They try to get rich by inventing the next big thing.
They try to find a new generation of BODH members to take over when they retire (à la replacement).
The BODH go to a convention of some sort.
The other members try to fill in as Supreme Overlord while Honstlar's away.
A Toikey TV-type compilation of TV shows.
The Cleanser Geek brings back Tappatok.
In a compilation of mini-episodes, a bunch of alternate universe BODHs get their chance in the spotlight.
A sitcom starring Grindolo and his minions as quirky, dysfunctional roommates trying new evil plans with little success.
They somehow get transported to the main Homestar Runner universe where they don't exist.
A non-canon episode. They find out it's not canon, with differing reactions. SRMX12 has an existential crisis knowing all of his actions aren't really happening, while Gfd has the time of his life doing whatever he wants.
Honstlar and Grindolo swap bodies.
The BODH is granted immortality, and live long after the heat death of the universe. Then it's reversed and everything goes back to normal somehow.
Gfd and Honstlar get trapped in superspeed somehow, so time passes extremely slowly. They try to make contact with the rest of the BODH to return them to normal time.