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The Complete Guide to the Broternal Order of Different Helmets

What is the Broternal Order?[edit | edit source]

In 2016, the user Branderson formed the Broternal Order of Different Helmets (abbreviated to the BODH, sometimes called the Order), based on the group of the same name from the toon Ever and More!. Back then, we held meetings on the forum, discussed current events, and participated in activities. Each member had their own character persona, and one day we started writing short "episodes" about our characters. Over time, the episodes became longer and more ambitious, and eventually, they became our priority. The BODH "franchise" grew to encompass not only scripts, but animations, video games, board games, comics, and so forth. Now this franchise has become our main focus. "The Broternal Order of Different Helmets", depending on the context, could be referring to the fictional group, the real-life group, or even the franchise itself.

Everyone is encouraged to join. By joining, you can help us write episodes at our forum. To write episodes, one person makes a forum post consisting of a few lines of the script, then the next person posts some more lines, and this continues until the episode is finished. There are no restrictions as to how much you can write, or what you can do. Most of the episodes are improvised, although a few have a rough plot outline written beforehand. We usually write multiple episodes at a time.

After each episode is finished, the scripts are copied onto this wiki. (You can find them on the Episodes page.) The wiki scripts are the definitive versions of each episode, meaning if there's a difference between the forum version and the wiki version, the wiki version is correct. The forum merely serves as an easy way to write collaboratively. The episodes are often edited on the wiki for purposes such as fixing grammar and formatting, correcting continuity errors, or even just making a line funnier. All members of the Order can make these edits — however, they might be reverted if they aren't seen as an improvement. Also keep in mind, not all episodes may be formatted fully on the wiki. Usually we just copy and paste it straight from the forum (making it look ugly and unfinished), then format it like a regular transcript later on.

What's happened so far?[edit | edit source]

We've made a lot of episodes. You can't just jump right in with the latest script, because so much has happened. And you can't just start with the first script and read through all of them, since that'll take forever. So here is a quick rundown of the series, starting with characters and objects, then moving on to significant events.

Here are brief descriptions of each major character, and other important things. See also the Members page or the wiki.

Character Description
The Order
Honstlar He's the leader. A bit random and eccentric, but always brave and loyal to his fellow members. The rest of the group sees him as an equal, but he takes on a parental role when he needs to. He's also Gfd's cousin.
Gfdgsgxgzgdrc He's the comic relief, and as a result, is not intelligent, competent, talented, ethical, or humble. He has a habit of rambling on about random things, or taking ordinary conversations in strange new directions. His randomness makes him almost omnipotent at times. He eats anything and everything in sight. His hat can hold at least fourty billion tons of cottage cheese and other things.
SRMX12 While not always the brightest bulb, he takes on the role as the "logical one" in comparison to the rest of the group. His computer skills make him good at creating and fixing machines (although they don't always work as planned). He always carries around his computer, the Prisma One. As Royal Secretarian, he writes down the minutes of each meeting.
Coach E She's kind and friendly, but also sensitive and emotional. She's the most empathetic and caring of the group, always looking out for the rest.
EDITED Video Greg The fifth Greg, a Teen Girl Squad character come to life via Strong Bad's imagination. He is somewhat cynical, and is the most self-aware, always pointing out flaws in the show. He has a magic sketchbook that can make anything appear, and blinking powers that can cause miraculous things to happen when he blinks. He has a strange obsession with Halloween costumes and logos.
Stom He's youthful and optimistic. As 30-Minute Waffle Distributer, he gives everyone waffles every half hour. He is considered an expert at waffles — not just making them, but also communicating with them, controlling them, using them in combat, and so forth.
Rabite She's quite calm and levelheaded compared to the rest of the group. She's the most quiet and reserved, so her personality rarely shows. She's good at figuring out solutions to problems. As Scientific Humanizer, she likes to draw human versions of characters.
Zascub He's not the smartest or the most aware, but he's always sincere and earnest. He has a remote control that, unbeknownst to him, can alter reality. As Captain of Stuff-Make, he likes to make 2D or 3D stuff digitally.
Sume She's the witty, sarcastic waitress/janitor of Dellyboy's Diner. She always carries around her trusty mop.
Juniper She's an emo, but a friendly one. She is at times apathetic, other times logical and outgoing. She is self-consious about her diminutive stature.
The B-Team
Dean She's the dean of Crazy Go Nuts University, and as such, is very smart and logical. She's EDITED Video Greg's good friend and shares many of his interests.
Homestar Runner He's Homestar Runner. Need I say more?
Dooble One of the main characters of The Brothers Chaps' other series Two More Eggs. He talks in non-sequiturs like Homsar or Senor Cardgage. He's very energetic and eccentric.
Arsene Video Greg He's EDITED Video Greg's father, a game show fanatic. He loves Jeopardy and hates Wheel of Fortune. He shares many of his son's attributes — he is logical yet pessimistic, never failing to point out flaws, and he even has the same blinking powers. He makes a game review show with Honstlar called "Two Guys and the Games".
Grindolo The BODH's main antagonist, the spirit of a universe-conquering warlock. Honstlar's ancestor destroyed Grindolo's physical form and sealed his spirit in a cave for 500 years. After being accidentally freed by the BODH, his goal is to get revenge by killing Honstlar and his friends. After that, he wants to take over the Earth. He has a castle on the moon and an army of Unguraits at his disposal.
The Pretender Grindolo's right hand man. He's a green head in a big green robot suit. When he's not doing evil stuff, he's an Internet troll who claims to have created the Homestar Runner universe (hence the name).
Mr. Dando He's the grumpy old man who lives next to the Pillquarters. Frustrated with all the noise the BODH makes, he joined Grindolo to kill them.
The Cleanser Geek Another one of Grindolo's minions. A Teen Girl Squad character, like EDITED and Arsene Video Greg. She is obsessed with "cleansing" the series, mostly rewriting the jokes and removing anything she considers "not approved".
The Heinous Disorder of Obnoxious Badguys The BODH's opposites, the HDOB. Each member is the opposite of a BODH member, with a backwards name. Honstlar's opposite is Raltsnoh Alpha, but their leader is Raltsnoh Omega, created by Grindolo.
The Pillquarters The BODH's first meeting place in Pom Pom's basement. His house is shaped like a pill like the Isle of Pom, in case you were wondering about the name. It was blown up by the Cleanser Geek after Pom Pom moved out.
The Pillquarters Metallix The BODH's second meeting place. Exactly the same as the first, but shinier. Sometimes referred to as "The Pillquarters" for short — the name can refer to either one.

Here is a list of the most important events in each episode. If an episode is missing, that means nothing particularly noteworthy happened.

Episode Significance
The Movie
  • The meeting room is revealed to be Pom Pom's basement, unbeknownst to him.
Helmet Quest
  • It is revealed that the BODH's meeting place (now called the Pillquarters) can turn into the Pillmobile.
  • They get the Golden Fedora, a wish-granting hat.
  • They accidentally free Grindolo from his cave.
Clones, Cards, and Competitions
  • The Pretender is introduced.
Helmet Wars
  • Grindolo is introduced.
  • The Pretender is now working for Grindolo.
Helmet Quest 2
  • The Unguraits are revealed to be working for Grindolo.
  • Grindolo is banished to the moon.
Rage Against The Pom
  • Pom Pom finds out the BODH are meeting in his basement. He moves out.
Welcome to Discord Part 1: Sauce, 'Stumes, and Stuff
  • Mr. Dando is first mentioned as the grumpy old neighbor.
  • The King of Town's obsession with sauce is introduced.
The BODH Goes Crazy Go Nuts
  • Mr. Dando is first introduced and revealed to be evil.
  • The Cleanser Geek is introduced and revealed to be working for Grindolo.
  • The Power Helmets (the BODH as Power Rangers) are introduced.
  • Dean is introduced.
Coach E's Happy Leave Mortality Day
  • The Golden Fedora is revealed to be destroyed.
  • The Pillquarters is destroyed by The Cleanser Geek's drone.
Coach E's Happy Stay In Mortality Night
  • Honstlar creates the Pillquarters Metallix.
  • Broternal Helmet Theater G000 is introduced.
  • EDITED Video Greg is revealed to be related to Mr. Dando.

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