Broternal Order Of Different Helmets/Broternal Interactive

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{Fade in to Honstlar's house. The sun rises out of the window and a rooster crows.}

HONSTLAR: {sits up} Hey, today's the first day of the day of our 7,256th meeting! I gotta get to the place and do the thing! {looks at the viewer} Or should I...?

ANNOUNCER: {voiceover} That's right, Jimmy. YOU can decide what happens in this choose-your-own-venture-text-a-thon special! Welcome... to Broternal Interactive! {the title appears, then disappears}

{Some options appear below}

ANNOUNCER: You, the viewer— yes, I'm talking to you! —can click on these things to have something happen next in this funny cartoon style. What are you going to choose? Simply move the mouse over the—

HONSTLAR: Shut up, voiceover man! Just let 'em decide their choices already.

Attend Meeting