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Got a question?
Want to tell me to do stuff?
Just feel like typing?
Then this is the show for you! -Honstlar.

Inbox[edit | edit source]

What's your relationship with Bubs?

Well, Coachy, We get along good.
He's like that cool uncle who always
lets you tape some fireworks to a GoughPrough so you can get a fraction of a like on YouTube.

What are your favorite teddy graham memories?

My favorite Teddy Graham memory, eh Cousin?
Well, my favorite one happened a long time ago,
Back when I lived in Dockoville.
I was 9 years old at the time,
I was with my dad at a baseball game,
The Docketiers were in the lead,
my dad gave me a bag of Chocolate Teddy Grahams
then as soon as I opened the bag,
a foul ball flew towards me and I actually caught it,
My dad was so proud that day. How's that for a memory?

Hey Honstlar, if you hate homestar so much why don't you kill him

1. I don't hate Homestar all the time, just when it is relevant to the plot.
2. I would never kill Homestar.
3. You forgot to capitalize the "H" in Homestar.

Honstlar, how's it like working in the Broternal Order of Different Helmets?