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Coach A is the Antiverse equivalent of Coach Z. He has no eyes, but he has a mouth, being the inverse of Coach Z. He carries a bat around, and he may be subconsciously inspired by OFF, even though Pacmastermeow knows next to nothing about the game. Coach A has a thick Russian accent that inserts Ls into words.

Coach A started off taking orders from Homeschool Winner, much like how Coach Z was an inspiration to Homestar Runner. Eventually, though, Coach A started rebelling from Homeschool and became a sort of vigilante. He also has since formed a pitch relationship (<3<) with Sbu, due to their clashing personalities, Sbu being a peaceful guy and CA being an active renegade.

Infinity[edit | edit source]

Coach A wields a black glowing bat known as Infinity, which he uses to swing baseballs and carry out his *ahem* duties. "The Coach Ayy" stars in a book-or-toon known as "Where My Bat Is At". He often uses the one liner "You're in floor a planet of plane" when using it.