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Character: AntiCharlie


Biography[edit | edit source]

While his real name is Carcer, AntiCharlie, as he prefers to be called, is the rival of Charlie. The Eduardo to Charlie's Edd, if you will. Originally an evil version of Charlie from an inverted version of Free Country, he took inspiration from another criminal named Charlie, who is unconnected to Free Country. His original intention was to hunt down his heroic counterpart, and thanks to some special hacking skills, was quite powerful, being able to invade other's dreams and thoughts. Before coming to the actual Free Country, AntiCharlie tried hunting serpents as a hobby, inspired by the criminal Charlie he was taking after. Ever since coming to the actual Free Country, AntiCharlie has invaded one of Strong Bad's dreams, to hunt down his heroic doppelganger, and has also infected Free Country, USA with a glitchy virus, similar but overall much more dangerous than the one from email 118. AntiCharlie has even implied that he was the one who sent the original virus email. In an inversion of Charlie and Marzipan being enemies, AntiCharlie and the cousin of Marzipan, named Debra, are actually in love with each other, and are actually married. AntiCharlie was once defeated by Phantom, and was imprisoned somewhere, but has broken free. He does have a good side, however. During one Halloween night, Debra got sick of AntiCharlie's evil plans, and temporarily broke up with him. After learning that trying to kill his counterpart is just crazy, AntiCharlie swore not to be as villainous as he once was, and it shows. He's helped Strong Bad and his heroic counterpart defeat Phantom when she tried to beat up Strong Bad, and has managed to travel to the year 20X6, to save Strong Bad, Stinkoman, Marzipan and Bubs from Alterheart, the 20X6 version of Phantom, who temporarily killed Charlie. Just like his heroic counterpart, AntiCharlie has two companions, named Digby and Jackson. Digby is a neutral yet innocent character, but Jackson is an evil mastermind, and is more of a villain than AntiCharlie could ever wish to be. Just like Charlie, AntiCharlie also enjoys Cola. However, he prefers Diet Cola, without any caffeine in it. AntiCharlie is also quite protective of his wife Debra, and if anything bad happens to her, AntiCharlie will take action, sometimes violently.

Domicile: Unknown

Debut: An Anti Adventure (Roleplay)

Character Video Transcript (evil)[edit | edit source]

{The jail that AntiCharlie was once in has a huge hole in the side of it.}

{Evil laughing is heard, as AntiCharlie walks up.}

ANTICHARLIE: Why, hello there, viewers. I'm sure you already know regular Charlie. That worthless loser who hangs out with Strong Bad? Well, I'm his polar opposite. AntiCharlie... I've travelled to many universes, and have worked for many villains, but I've made my home in the mirror universe version of Free Country. One where the characters are inverted, and Marzipan's cousin, Debra resides. Debra and I fell in love when I first arrived, but for some reason, our heroic counterparts seem to hate each other... That's another thing. Heroic Charlie is such an embarrassment. If you hang out with him, you'll see what I mean. I also hate Phantom, the one who locked me up. Thankfully, I've managed to break out, thanks to my two companions, whose names I shall not reveal for now, but you might meet them one day...

{AntiCharlie walks off screen, the video ends.}

Character Video Transcript (neutral)[edit | edit source]

{AntiCharlie is standing near the Stick.}

DIGBY: The camera's on!

ANTICHARLIE: I KNOW THAT, YOU IDIOT! Jeez...anyway...I'm AntiCharlie, or at least, that's what I prefer to be called. I come from an inverted version of Free Country, along with my wife Debra. While I was originally a villain, Debra managed to help me become neutral. While I no longer want to hunt down my heroic counterpart, I still want to show that I am superior to him. After all, I'm Numero Uno!

{He smirks. The video ends.}

Fun Facts[edit | edit source]

  • The criminal that AntiCharlie takes after is Scratch User TheCharlieGamer's original Charlie OC. Originally, the OC was a badmouthed, violent jerk, who was described as able to cross universes. AntiCharlie's serpent hunting hobby is based on how this version of Charlie often bullied a serpent OC of a friend of TheCharlieGamer in RPs, before becoming nothing but an unseen criminal that is only mentioned.
  • AntiCharlie wears a light blue hoodie with his insignia on the front, which just so happens to be the Decepticon insignia, referencing how TheCharlieGamer is a Transformers fan, and mirroring Charlie's red insignia.
  • As mentioned earlier, AntiCharlie is based on the Eddsworld character Eduardo, with Digby being based on Jon. However, Jackson is not based on Mark, instead being based on Family Guy's Stewie Griffin.
  • In his most recent appearances, he starts saying 'You'll rue this day!' as a catchphrase. This is a reference to the South Park Canadian character Scott, who says this to Terrance and Phillip.
  • Just like Charlie, AntiCharlie only appears in text, with the above image being drawn by PhantomPhoenix27. If he had a voice, he'd be voiced by TheCharlieGamer, with a harsher, angrier kind of tone, to simulate his antagonistic nature.
  • AntiCharlie's real name, Carcer, is meant to mean jailbird. Appropriate, since he's been locked up before.
  • Even though AntiCharlie was created as Charlie's evil double, he's actually become more of an anti-hero now, and in rare cases, an actual protagonist, while Charlie has become more villainous.

Character Variations[edit | edit source]

  • Evil Charles - Old Timey (Personality and voice based on Dan Backslide)
  • The Corruptor - 20X6 (A cyborg. Design is supposed to homage Generation 1 Galvatron)
  • Xelrahc - Xeriously Forxe!
  • Dr. Decepticon - Dangeresque (A mad scientist)
  • Storybook AntiCharlie (pretty much a background character)
  • Puppet AntiCharlie (Just the insignia on a stick)
  • Character AC - Yonders Website (a stick figure, with a simplified version of AntiCharlie's face)

Halloween Costumes[edit | edit source]

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