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“Tea Time” written by Stoops

STOOPS: This is the AM Morning "CRUDE" Crew, brought to you by a grant from Pistols for Pandas. And our corperate sponsors, Bubs’ Concession Stand, and Blubb-O’s. Additional funding by Health’s Crisps, A-Soy. And by...

THE ANNOUNCER: The Scratch Crew is a team that involves a combination of nasty backstabbing and material gain. Like the BEST. DUNCAN CASSIDY.

CRUDE BABY: And now you may see the seven heckling death-spirits called... Cronuts.

FOUNDER: Mr. Gavin Scratch. This seems like a better time for... what?

THE ANNOUNCER: Cronuts Cereal! New from Cheap as Free Foodstuffs!

STOOPS: I’m Stoops!

GUSSO: And I’m Gusso! Today, Stoops is brewing tea!

STOOPS: Here’s some tea! Warning: it’s very hot!

{Gusso drinks the tea, then spits it out}

STOOPS: {laughing}

STOOPS: Next time on Crude Crew, I, Stoops, and Gusso will climb a cliff... without ropes! A very long hiatus!