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“Tomorrow's Fishes” written by Stoops

STOOPS: This is the AM Morning "CRUDE" Crew, brought to you by a grant from Pistols for Pandas. And our corperate sponsors, Smarty Juice, Bubs’ Concession Stand, and Blubb-O’s. Additional corporate sponsorship by SBLOUNSCKED Candy Bar.

GUSSO: Hi, I’m Gusso!

STOOPS: And I’m Stoops!

GUSSO: Today, we are playing with The Fish from The Fish Was Delish Progrum.

THE FISH: Hello!

STOOPS: The Fish is Evidently employed in fighting crime.


STOOPS: Shut up.

GUSSO: Shoot him!


STOOPS: Aw, you shot him!

THE FISH: This was all a dream.

STOOPS: Next time on AMMCC, Stoops tries to cook, but suddenly halted when Gusso touches a hot pot.