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Bubzimaster (also known as The Superhero Friend) is Bubs' 20X6 counterpart. He still has blue skin, toothy smile, orange shirt, and grey pants, but he has a 'B' buckle on his green belt, a green cape and robot boots.

He's a concession stand owner like his normal-day counterpart. He also has a secret identity! A superhero! Everyone sees him as a fat, lame man wearing a costume, but you are mistaken. He has rocket boots, a magic cape, zapping powers in his hands and a secret gay relationship with Challenger Z, umm... that's... all I can think of... bleugh. Everyone wanted Bubzimaster to prove himself that he was a real superhero, so he started up his rocket boots and zapped everything. Now, he's everyone's favorite superhero friend.

Bubzimaster is kind and friendly. He was seen rescuing a bunch of other 20X6 characters such as 1-Up, 20X6 Strong Sad, Challenger Z (The Shadowy Figure) and Challenger Erin. He appears to be in a relationship with Challenger Z. There was this one time, The Shadowy Figure (revealed to be Challenger Z) fell down a cliff. Bubzimaster saved his life. Challenger Z thanked him and promised to use his powers for good. Both characters are in a relationship, got married and had babies, Zubzimaster and Challenger B. Erin sees Bubzimaster as her hero and gives him a hug.



Debut: Superhero Friend