Strong Bad Emails: The Resurgence

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Hey, sup, my dudes? My name is called Sonic06, and I baked some delicious emails. They have... raisins... Click here > sbmail/index to email some Strong Bad goodness. It's unfinished, no e-mail yet.

E-MAILS NOW! This picks up after SBEmail 207, "Too Cool."

  • Lappier Generation
  • 1. bird: Strong Bad goes bird hunting.
  • Tappy '2017 generation
  • 2. homesar: A miscommunication leads Strong Bad to hunt for Homesar.
  • 3. space: Some unpronounceable guy writes in. Space Captainface returns to the stars.
  • 4. halloween: Honstlar (or however you spell that) asks about Halloween Decorations, and it inspires SB to yell a lot.
  • sbemail 208½: The Lappier goes nuts on SB, so he buys the Tappy. Mayhem ensues as he gets used to a new computer.
  • Mini-Mails: Emails with shorter answers.