Homestar Runner Strategy Guide/Minigames/Laser Challenge

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Description[edit | edit source]

After defeating Black Laser, you can access a previously blocked off section of the Black Laser Base. You will be in a room with 6 doors. Enter one to face either Red Laser, Indigo Laser, Orange Laser, Purple Laser, Yellow Laser, or Green Laser.

How To Play[edit | edit source]

Watch the light above a door. The light's color tells which Laser you will fight. You can exit and reenter the room to face the Lasers again and again. After fighting and defeating the same laser 10 times, you will get a card. They can be used to get an awesome prize!

To Get The Prize[edit | edit source]

Go to where you rescued the Commandos in Blue Laser Base. You will find a pattern on the wall. Use Cracker Fist on it to break the wall and reveal a new room. Inside, there is nothing but an elevator door and a slot in the wall next to it. Insert all of your Laser Cards and the door will open. The elevator will take you into a basement with Proto Man in the center. Talk to him and he'll say "...". But if you talk to him more, he'll give you the Proto Gun.

Laser Elements[edit | edit source]

Red Laser: Fire
Orange Laser: Light
Yellow Laser: Electricity
Green Laser: Grass
Indigo Laser: Water
Purple Laser: Darkness

Items Gained[edit | edit source]

  • Red Card
  • Orange Card
  • Yellow Card
  • Green Card
  • Indigo Card
  • Purple Card