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dbemail 7; kiss[edit | edit source]

Dellyboy gets dared to kiss someone special. Maybe.

Page Text:Mirandy 1995

Date:May 10, 2019

Script[edit | edit source]

Dellyboy: (singing) Just another day, answering emails~...

Dear SB, I dare you to kiss Sume! -Anonymous

Dellyboy: ...'SB'? I'm not SB. ...Probally a mistake. Anyways...

(Dellyboy takes out his phone and calls Sume to come to his house.)

Sume: Okay.

Dellyboy: (whispering) She agreed!

(Dellyboy walks up to his door.)

Sume: Open the door, Delly!

(Dellyboy, promptly, opens the door.)

Sume: What is it this time?

Dellyboy: This. (He kisses Sume. Sume blushes.)

Sume: Oh! I...Thank you?

Dellyboy: (surprised) ...Yeah. (The 'yeah' is stretched.)

(Sume leaves rather jumpily, while Dellyboy closes the door. The Cloth comes down.)

Easter Eggs[edit | edit source]

If you click the door at the end of the email, an easter egg will play.

(Strong Bad opens the door, angerly.)

Strong Bad: Hey, that was my email!

Dellyboy: ...How do you know about my email? And how can you be sure it was your's? (Your's is emphasized.)

Strong Bad: ...What?

(Dellyboy hastefully closes the door.)

Triva[edit | edit source]

= In-Universe References[edit | edit source]

Sume's reaction to being kissed is a reference to Sume's crush on Dellyboy.