Dellyboy Emails/kiss

dbemail 7; kissEdit

Dellyboy gets dared to kiss someone special. Maybe.

Page Text:Mirandy 1995

Date:May 10, 2019


Dellyboy: (singing) Just another day, answering emails~...

Dear SB, I dare you to kiss Sume! -Anonymous

Dellyboy: ...'SB'? I'm not SB. ...Probally a mistake. Anyways...

(Dellyboy takes out his phone and calls Sume to come to his house.)

Sume: Okay.

Dellyboy: (whispering) She agreed!

(Dellyboy walks up to his door.)

Sume: Open the door, Delly!

(Dellyboy, promptly, opens the door.)

Sume: What is it this time?

Dellyboy: This. (He kisses Sume. Sume blushes.)

Sume: Oh! I...Thank you?

Dellyboy: (surprised) ...Yeah. (The 'yeah' is stretched.)

(Sume leaves rather jumpily, while Dellyboy closes the door. The Cloth comes down.)

Easter EggsEdit

If you click the door at the end of the email, an easter egg will play.

(Strong Bad opens the door, angerly.)

Strong Bad: Hey, that was my email!

Dellyboy: ...How do you know about my email? And how can you be sure it was your's? (Your's is emphasized.)

Strong Bad: ...What?

(Dellyboy hastefully closes the door.)


= In-Universe ReferencesEdit

Sume's reaction to being kissed is a reference to Sume's crush on Dellyboy.